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Jointly released data showing the health benefits of cannabis

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According to new statistics, the new theory regarding the benefits of purposeful cannabis use is no longer just speculation.

On Thursday, it jointly announced that its “meaningful consumption theory of cannabis” had been validated by data collected on the company’s proprietary platform.

The data was collected from more than 200,000 consumer entries critiquing the unique experiences users had with cannabis and, according to the company, provides evidence and context for a study it conducted. Harris Poole Earlier this year, 91 percent of U.S. pot users who reported using weed for health and well-being.

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It jointly describes itself as a cannabis discovery company, and was founded with the belief that purposeful cannabis use is a way to unleash a better version of oneself. The company says its experience-based application of purposeful consumption of the bowl is the first and only of its kind in the industry, and credits ratings for its reliable products to consumer feedback entered into the platform.

Jointly’s CEO says the theory is supported by what he calls the “Four Laws of Meaningful Consumption,” which are validated by new data from the company in combination with other reliable sources. He says the data clearly demonstrates that consuming cannabis in a purposeful manner can be beneficial for individuals.

These four laws are listed as follows – 1. Factory: Cannabis is a complex plant that produces diverse effects; 2. DestinationsPeople use cannabis for many different productive purposes; 3. PeopleCannabis affects each person differently. 4. Circumstances: People often realize their goals with cannabis when they create the conditions for a good experience.

Regarding Law Number One, Jointly says its data shows product choice can significantly impact the effectiveness of a cannabis user experience by 40-57 percent.

Regarding Act No. 2, the company says that 22 percent of joint users smoke for relaxation and recovery, 19 percent burn one to improve sleep, 11 percent indulge in energizing and uplifting themselves, and 10 percent use joints in order to deal with Daily pain and 9 percent use to enjoy social experiences.

In addition, 7 percent engage in focus and creativity, 7 percent burn to improve their appetite, 6 percent use their joints to enhance intimacy, 3 percent recover from exercise, and 3 percent have other causes.

As for Act No. 3, the cannabis discovery company says its data confirms that people can have different experiences with the same product and that the human endocannabinoid system varies with the individual.

Finally, for Act No. 4, the organization states that people generally rate the effectiveness of their cannabis experience at 6.75/10. In addition, Gwenley says that exercise, diet, sleep, and hydration can affect the effectiveness of users’ experience by 40-50 percent. cent, and that taking advantage of these healthy living habits can help get this rating up to 9/10.

Overall, the company’s theory regarding cannabis consumption is that it is generally beneficial to people. However, the sixth part study The analysis of that theory is more rigorous and detailed.

“We know that cannabis makes you more, not less. By building the industry’s first experience-based platform for meaningful consumption, we have the data to prove it” David QuiCEO and Co-Founder of Jointly.

“The theory is a framework for liberating the modern cannabis consumer to seek the best life possible through purposeful consumption, without guilt or prejudice, and armed with data.”


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