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Breaking common stereotypes about cannabis

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Despite widespread legalization, marijuana remains a subject surrounded by prejudice and stereotypes. Here we break down the most common ones with facts and common sense.

Marijuana has a long history of demonization and criticism. Weed is still classified as a dangerous drug, but it has been paving its way back into the legal scene for decades. That was a battle with many victories, which you can see in lawn rationing in 19 US states, Washington DC, and Guam so far.

What the legalization battle did not achieve is the transformation of the image of the “stone man” that is deeply ingrained in the minds of American consumers. He was bred by the media and Hollywood for many years, resisting any change in the modern American psyche. Here, we tackle the most illogical and counter-intuitive stereotypes surrounding weed to show you the actual landscape of weed use in the present-day USA.

Cannabis is only for mature drug users

Let’s set the record straight; You are not addicted if you occasionally use marijuana for recreational or therapeutic purposes. It won’t hit you, and make your head and body high uncontrollably. Many breeds, such as aurora borealis dynastyIt produces a gentle effect and is suitable for even beginners.

Therefore, you will not lose control or completely get rid of a portion of the weeds if you choose the strain with the optimal THC:CBD ratio. As marijuana paves its way to legal distribution, there are more trustworthy resources and catalogs out there outlining the main features and effects of certain strains on your body and mind.

Only men smoke weed

Smoking weed is traditionally seen as a men’s terrain. You can’t imagine a good looking housewife making a joint or filling in a bong, right? But the statistics are unforgiving. Women are also consumers of weeds. Weed consumers often focus on therapeutic goals, such as combating menstrual cramps, nausea, or headaches. However, recreational use by women is also on the rise, and this number cannot be called insignificant. The conclusion is that both men and women smoke cannabis.

Consume marijuana to get high

It’s common to think of cannabis as a drug that makes people high, high, and laughing. In many cases, this effect can be observed with cannabis users; People often choose lifting breeds for recreational use.

However, herbs have a lot to offer. It can calm the pain and relax the anxious mind. Certain strains even help improve cognitive function and remove Alzheimer’s plaque from the human brain, giving patients the chance to lead a normal life with the condition. Weed can help with cramps and migraines. Relieves the discomfort of cancer patients who suffer from nausea caused by chemotherapy.

So, as you can see, the spectrum of weed use is wide, giving you a therapeutic, sedative or tonic effect whenever you need it.

Marijuana for criminals

There is a widespread “stereotype” among the masses of people. When one thinks of a typical weed consumer, they imagine a stinky, filthy man in a cheap, messy apartment, drowning the remnants of his miserable life in smoke. This guy right away labeled a criminal, since modern media rarely cover the use of weed in the average American household. But the reality is quite different, especially with the progress of legalization.

Many luxury brands are reformulating the concept of stones today to market the weed under an entirely different sauce. for example, higher standards is a brand specializing in weed smoking accessories that presents marijuana as a luxury product and an element of the elevated lifestyle. So, weed is no longer all about smoking marijuana on the outskirts of a slum. Due to the concerted efforts of marketers, it is increasingly seen as a fashionable feature of luxury living.

Consumption of marijuana is a surefire way to drug addiction

Some people are afraid to try a little weed because they think they will immediately become addicted. They perceive an effect similar to that of consuming heroin or cocaine, which puts them in a bind of a self-destructive habit.

However, science holds a different view about the potential for addiction. Just 30% of regular and heavy weed consumers They are at risk of developing marijuana use disorder, a clinical problem that requires treatment.

Minorities smoke weed more than whites do

Another common stereotype is the depiction of typical stones as Hispanic or black. In fact, there is a lot of research that supports this view. For example, a study by Pasek et al It found that blacks and Hispanics were more likely to have marijuana use disorders and concurrent alcoholism. However, the file Study for Brookings Institution It revealed a steady increase in marijuana use by the white population and an overall higher proportion of white marijuana users in 2001-2014. The Study 2020 by PsychCentral He also confirmed this idea by finding that members of every racial group in the United States are equally exposed to marijuana use without significant differences between races. The facts don’t lie – everyone smokes cannabis with no major racial differences.

Weed makes you lazy and stupid

A common image of the stone man is that of a lazy and slow person confined to his sofa and unable to pass a full judgment without effort. But this is another Hollywood legend. In fact, a large variety of weed strains have a huge impact on your psyche and physical sense.

Some breeds, mostly Indian dominant breeds, really bring you into a relaxed and meditative state. It is common among anxious people who have trouble sleeping. On the contrary, sativa dominant strains put you in an energetic and positive mood and increase your creativity and focus. The effect depends on the type of strain, method of administration and dosage; You decide how weed will make you feel.


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