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US Forest Service employees are still banned from consuming cannabis

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On August 22, it was US Forest Service human resources Post a notice reminding employees that cannabis consumption is not allowed, even if they live in a state where the law is legal.

“Many states now allow the recreational and/or medical use of marijuana. However, marijuana remains an illegal drug under federal law,” The notice said. “All Forest Service employees must remain drug-free and refrain from using illicit drugs either on or off duty regardless of state laws. There have been no changes to the drug panel on the Schedule I Drugs List under the Controlled Substances Act.”

The Notice It also listed the current rules for a drug testing protocol. First, he warned that any employee could be subject to a drug test for cannabis if there was “reasonable suspicion” that he was consuming. Second, employees whose jobs are listed as Test Specific Positions (TDPs) will also continue to be tested for drugs. “Positions assigned to testing generally carry safety or security responsibilities associated with a Forest Service mission. Job positions associated with TDPs relate to public health and safety, protection of life and property, law enforcement, or national security.”

Finally, if an employee tests positive for cannabis or any other illegal substance, they will be subject to mandatory administrative action in accordance with DR 4430-792-2, the Drug-Free Workplace Program, which includes discipline until removal for the first detection of illegal use drugs.”

Although CBD is legalized nationally through the 2018 Farm Bill, a US Forest Service notice states that it is off limits as well. “[CBD] It can be inaccurately described as not having low levels of THC, yet it actually contains high levels. If you use CBD, you may test positive for illegal drug use. ”

Some US Forest Service employees have been assigned Illegal cannabis plant removal located on national forest lands, clean up any litter or other leftover material. However, in 2018, a report from the USDA stated that after reviewing these sites, there was evidence that proper cleaning had not been performed.

“We conducted on-site inspections of eight marijuana growing sites that were eliminated in fiscal years 2014-2016 in California and two marijuana growing sites in the Daniel Boone National Forest in Kentucky,” The report mentions. “Hazardous materials were present in seven of the eight growth sites in California, and infrastructure such as irrigation pipes and litter or equipment was found in all eight sites. Hazardous materials and infrastructure were still in place several years after some of the growth sites had been eliminated.”

A study published in July 2019 found that Legal cannabis can reduce illegal growth in the national forests. “Arguably, our models suggest that explicit national recreational cannabis legalization would be one means by which illegal growth in national forests could disappear,” Researchers wrote. They also believed that taxes on legal cannabis were what drove people to grow illegally on federal lands.

Other agencies in the United States are also updating or replicating existing cannabis rules and restrictions for employees. last AugustThe data showed that commercial truck drivers consume more cannabis than any other substance. However, in May 2022, the US Department of Transportation reported that 10,276 commercial truck drivers have tested positive for cannabis, and this violation of the department’s rules has contributed to a nationwide shortage of drivers who cannot keep their jobs. Latest in August, the draft rules were published in the Federal Register that warned medical examiners of commercial drivers that CBD still contained THC, which is not allowed. The rules state that “a driver who uses marijuana cannot be physically qualified even if marijuana is legal in the state in which the driver resides for recreational, medical, or religious use.”


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