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East Coast smokers line up to taste the first batch of cookies

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The appearance of Monster Cookies on the East Coast for the first time in August demonstrated the brand’s unparalleled impact on the legal market.

Cookies are one of the biggest brands of weed (check out 3 million followers among San Francisco storebiscuit clothing lineand the owner Berner). Other multi-state operations have more stores and larger market shares. But the cookies’ debut draws lines that other dispensaries only see on the first day of legal sales in most states.

Over consecutive weekends in August, Cookies have brought new life to Florida and New Jersey by bringing their highly regarded products to market. Cannaseurs traveled thousands of miles and lined up before sunrise just to take part in the historic day, and take part in dynasties such as Jealousand Gary Payton and special editions such as Piece of Candy and Collins Ave.

Here’s what Leafly contributors, Michael Harrison and Moses Augustine, witnessed at the New Jersey debut at Lodi’s Cookie Corner, and at the grand opening of Cookies Miami earlier this month, including time with Berner, Yung LB and Luka Brazi And many more.

Greetings from Miami

Cookie lovers waited in line for hours to enjoy the first service from the new Miami dispensary on August 13, 2022. (@Berner415/Instagram)

“This was our first store in Florida, it was so true we did it here,” Berner said before cutting the ribbon at his brand’s Miami location. By 2 a.m., there were already about 100 people there, according to G’s bud’s blog. By the end of the day, the site had reportedly moved $500,000 of the product.

Cookie lovers traveled from as far away as Oklahoma to stand in line, and dignitaries traveled from all over the country to show their support. That’s because cookies offer more customers than any other brand of its size. Its products, moves, and marketing are so intertwined with global cannabis culture, that her arrival in Miami felt like the opening of an exclusive nightclub.

Just before the doors opened, Berner thanked everyone for enduring the “crazy wet heat,” and made one promise: “I can guarantee one thing, the team has done their job. The herbs here are absolutely incredible. So many great people in the building, so much great energy.” .

Bringing the best of Florida

Long lines for the legendary opening day of cookies in Miami, Florida. (@Berner415/Instagram)

The Miami Cookie Team was chosen by Berner. In May, Cookies invited local residents to submit their resume to meet Berner in person on June 4. At the grand opening on August 13, we spoke to an employee named my voice which was chosen.

Sukki explained that the brand draws such crazy lines because “people feel connected to cookies because they’ve found a way to cross that line from mere dispensary to culture.”

“It’s family. Nobody is nervous. People in their normal clothes. It’s inclusive, and there’s no discrimination…we have people from Texans, and people from Tampa. It really is an eclectic staff.”

ski, Miami Cookie Officer

The store opening also attracted VIPs such as Young LB from Joke’s Up Wrontz, the legend of the smoking club Chest PopsCEO of GUMBO Luca Brazi. “I feel like I’m in L.A., but we’re at the Museum of Islamic Art,” said the rapper from Queens to Miami Nour, due to both the power of the stars and the power of stress. The founders of GasHouse in Atlanta Felix Morey And the Kingston She was also in the building.

Jealous The creamy purple stranger was the star of the show. Its attractive appearance and aroma showcase the fast-acting hybrid effect. While most weed smokers are against $60 on principle, Cookies are the rare brand that makes the high price tag seem worth it at all of their multinational stores. It’s also one of the first legal offerings unabashedly loyal to the old market and jackets that made legalization possible.

The Miami Cookie Edition is designed to speak to local tastes, and the hand-picked, authentic 305 shows the attention to detail found in every part of the cookie product, from seed to sale to marketing.

If they keep making the hype, cookies will have a huge advantage in Florida, where limited licenses keep quality low and variety limited for medical patients. Although not in South Beach or downtown, the new cookie store has to dominate the Miami cannabis industry for the competition to ramp up.

Pueblito Viejo Colombian Restaurant was right next door, serving the best Colombian food in Miami, according to Berner. His new dispensary in Miami is now home to the best legal bud in the state.

As put by the G Bud . blog in his reviewCookies contain “weeds from outer space” compared to other local offerings. He adds that the high price is reflected in the quality and presentation. He says it’s like the difference between Panda Express and Benihana, and it’s hard not to agree that you’ve tried both options.

You need a medical card to get into the Cookies Miami store, but if you’re in the area, just apply for one. it’s a Easier than you thinkand you can use your confirmation email to login before receiving your card in the mail.

Lodi’s new garden baked by car

In April, Leafly checked in with Nick “NJ Gas Man” D’Amelio About his mission to bake the first batch of legal cookies for cookies in his home state of New Jersey. Nick’s limited-edition cookies became available at TerrAscend locations across the state two months ago. But Saturday, August 19, was the real debut of Nick’s full effort.

Berner, CEO of Cookies, was on the scene to meet and greet at the state’s first drive-through dispensary, and second-hand New Jersey Cookie, a customized cookie customer experience that includes “bud bars, branded wall displays, accessories, Clothes, a selection of flowers at the highest level.” All three Apothecarium NJ sites (MapleAnd the Philipsburg) close to cookie corners.

New York like Branson’s Legacy Pioneer and social influencer Beau La Dentingancia Make driving from New York City, along with GUMBO CEO Luka Brazi, who said his GUMBO brand will be available in both New Jersey and Miami Cookies Corners soon. hilarious Stoney Mama She was also on the scene, spreading joy and laughter wherever she went.

The event included the New Jersey launch of cookie cartridges and pre-rolls available at pink rosyapple and banana, Gary Payton75 lemon pound cake Cereal milkLaughing gas soap Jealous and day today.

Berner signed copies of his new photo Forbes cover Show love to Jersey fans who have been waiting for legal cookies to be widely shown since the adult market opened On April 21. Berner explained that the NJ location is a life goal, and to do so alongside the strip club HBO is famous for soprano It just makes it sweeter.

“We continue to check life goals, as our second Jersey cookie corner next to the legendary Bada Bing is epic. The customer journey is special at this location, we are ready for the East Coast.”

Berner, Co-Founder and CEO of Cookies.

Bada Bing!

Michael Harrison, a Trinidad-born and New Jersey-born content producer, has been a cannabis proponent and influencer for more than a decade, working both on camera and behind the scenes to normalize the plant for everyone.


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