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To win the war on drugs, we must end it

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Before Prohibition, cannabis was a legal drug. Newspaper ads for cannabis cigarettes claimed that you could inhale an asthma remedy for $1 a pack.

In 1937 cannabis was found guilty as an addictive drug and sentenced to nearly 60 years of ban. Mary Jane was cast into a slammer along with her natural medicinal powers.

Harry Anselger has thrown the key to cure to millions of disease-bound patients. Fast forward to 2022 and medical cannabis is a multi-billion dollar legal crop.

So who was Harry? Strong for a person, as the head of the US Federal Bureau of Narcotics. Insanely racist too.

“There are 100,000 marijuana smokers in the United States, and most of them are Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos, and entertainers.

“Their devilish music, jazz and swing, is caused by the use of marijuana.

“This marijuana makes white women seek sexual relations with Negroes.”

Harry’s racist campaign against marijuana led to the emergence of The Marijuana Tax Act of 1937. Possession, or sale of a pot, is now illegal in the United States.

Harry’s ‘racial war on drugs’ became skewed and personal when he set his sights on the jazz icon Billie Holiday who has been stalking them, imprisoning them and brutally stripping them of a successful career.

In 1970, cannabis was further demonized and blacklisted as a Schedule I drug in the United States. Accused of a strong potential for abuse, a lack of acceptable and unsafe medical use for prescriptions. Cannabis was involved in a prison cell with heroin and a hallucinogenic drug.

Re-legalization of medical cannabis

Nowadays in the United States, medical cannabis is permitted in the majority of US states.

As this “green revolution” sweeps through Europe, each country has its own role in rationing.

Spain will initially focus on 3 medical conditions: Epilepsy, chronic pain and multiple sclerosis. Ukraine, which is a candidate country for EU membership, has gone on the green light for more than 50 cases, including post-traumatic stress disorder resulting from the war with Russia. Germany got its first legal medical cannabis harvest this year, for pharmacies to distribute Serious illness Medical prescriptions.

Re-rationing adds. The size of the medical cannabis market in the European Union is expected to reach 3 billion euros by 2025. Germany alone is expected to reach 8 billion euros by 2028.

Quality is the key. Medical cannabis must be pharmaceutical grade, and grown in accordance with the European Union Good Manufacturing Practices (EU-GMP). The United Kingdom Isle of Man On board, with plans for a £100m ‘gold standard’ facility to grow and export medical cannabis. Malta is expected to launch its first EU and GMP product later this year.

If we stop to peek at the European “fence”, we find out Thai government Shipping one million free medicinal cannabis plants to patients across the country. Developing your own medications could be a game changer.

Regulated rationing All drugs?

The legalization of medical cannabis could open the door to the legalization of responsible regulation All drugs?

Recreational cannabis is a hanging fruit. An increasing number of countries have decriminalized possession of small amounts of recreational cannabis. Malta is the first country in the European Union to legalize it for adult use and citizens can grow up to four plants at home. Germany It will go one step further, allowing the sale of recreational cannabis to adults.

A recent survey reflects this even more 50 percent of Europeans They advocate the legalization of recreational cannabis, citing benefits such as access to high-quality cannabis with known levels of THC and the elimination of the illegal market along with police costs. The seizure of the “war on drugs” cost the United States trillion dollars In 50 years.

It became clear that the only way to win the “war on drugs” was to end it.

Take, for example, Portugal’s radical decriminalization of All Drugs in 2001, which achieved massive victories. Addicts were treated as patients, not criminals. Overdose deaths were down 85 percent, and HIV rates were down 90 percent. The shift from a criminal-legal model to a public health model has been the key to success here.

Canada and Switzerland have also been treating addicts in the healthcare system for about 20 years. Vancouver opened its first safe clinic in 2003, where drug addicts take their drug under shelter from prosecution. Sterile needles and paramedics are on standby to reverse the overdose of Lazarus (naloxone), which resuscitates the victim.

To date, 5,000 overdoses have been reversed without deaths. Canada has now approved 40 safe clinics.

Switzerland’s strategy for the past 20 years includes “preserving addiction”. This is a step up from safe clinics. Addicts are prescribed drug-grade drugs, which is a safer option than registering black market drugs filled with illegal toxic fentanyl. Doctors titrate the dose to maintain well-being, allowing addicts to stay connected with their families and community rather than pushing them into the criminal underworld in search of a solution.

The majority of addicts in Swiss clinics eventually stopped methadone therapy or switched to methadone therapy, in line with the conclusion: “The opposite of addiction is human contact(A New York Times bestseller, Chasing Scream.)

Like Portugal, drug- and HIV-related deaths have declined in Switzerland.

libertarian think tank, Kato Institute, points out the obvious: There will never be a drug-free society. Criminal law is not a solution to drug abuse and addiction. This is a public health issue. The ‘War on Drugs’ led to a ‘War for Drugs” are fought by criminal gangs for a slice of the lucrative black market.

Legalization can be regulated All Drugs are winning the “war on drugs”… by ending it?


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