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Legalization reduces the use of illegal synthetic weeds


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A new study finds that more people tend to avoid the risks of Illegal artificial grass When they live in a cannabis-friendly country. Researchers have found that in states where cannabis is legal, the number of synthetic marijuana The number of users requiring medical attention has decreased significantly.

the study, published In clinical toxicology, legal and associated medical marijuana with a 13 percent decrease in reported exposures to synthetic weed (they define exposures as poisonings with synthetic weed reported to a national database). Overall, states with permissive cannabis policies saw a 37 percent decrease in reported synthetic exposures annually compared to states with restrictive policies.

This is particularly good news, considering that the majority of those exposures resulted in the need for medical attention, and that 61 cases in three years resulted in deaths.

People usually get artificial weeds as dried plant material that is sprayed with acetone, embalming fluid, or other solvents containing man-made psychoactive substances.

Journal of Clinical Pharmacology Reports There have been many cases of patient harm and death in the United States, Europe and Australia from illegal synthetic marijuana. Many people suffer from what the magazine called “psychological, neurological, cardiovascular, pulmonary, and renal adverse events.”

The researchers used toxicology data

To assess the impact of cannabis laws on the rate of reported exposure to synthetic cannabis, researchers in the new study looked at National Toxicology Data System (NPDS) data from 2016 to 2019. They then reviewed any reports of artificial poisoning with the cannabis laws. and the state of the market in the country in which it occurred.

During that time, they found 7,600 reported exposures. Over time, synthetic exposure decreased. The majority of exposures – 64.8 percent – require medical attention.

The study concluded that, “Adoption of the Permissible Cannabis Act is associated with significant reductions in reported synthetic cannabis exposures. A more permissive cannabis law may have the unintended benefit of reducing both the motivation and harms associated with the use of synthetic cannabis products.”

Why reducing the use of artificial grass is important

Between 2010 and 2015, cases of industrial cannabis poisoning increased in the United States, with more than 42,000 cases of toxic exposures reported between 2010 and 2015, according to For a CNN report. The new study offers hope that the trend will reverse, at least in states with more lenient marijuana laws.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention calls The emergence of synthetic marijuana, which is sold illegally to people who think they are buying regular cannabis, is a “global problem”. Industrial hemp first appeared in Europe around 2005, and arrived in the United States in 2008.

Some cases had a widespread impact. In 2018, more than 100 people in the Midwest and Maryland fell ill after using synthetic marijuana coated with rat poison. Symptoms included Unexplained bruising, coughing up blood, and bleeding from the nose and gums.

The drop in such cases found in the new study provides another argument for the legalization of marijuana to help combat the problems associated with black market cannabis.


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