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Cannabis sales in Colorado are slow, and readers offer explanations

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Marijuana sales in Colorado are expected to reach just $1.8 billion in 2022, the lowest calendar year total since 2019. According to the Department of State Revenue, dispensary sales were just under $146.4 million in June. That’s about 22 percent less than in the same month in 2021, and about 27 percent less than in June 2020.

Dispensary sales have fallen for thirteen months in a row year on year, but the June 2022 stats reflect particularly poor performance by department stores. Of the six months of sales numbers reported so far in 2022, June was the second lowest, barely beating February—the worst month for dispensaries—by $1.1 million.

In their comments on Westward Facebook page With the story, readers offer a lot of theories about this decline. Spencer says:

As more states legalize, the glamor and tradition of visiting Colorado for a vacation in the weeds is diminishing.

Randall adds:

The clinics are too many. Of course there will be a shake.

Greg responds:

It looks like a simple market correction.

Jordan explains:

IMO, 2020 and 2021 were the most abnormal due to COVID. Now there are fewer people staying indoors and sales have fallen to 2019 levels.

Daniel suggests:

It’s only a problem if the owners want to keep paying themselves millions of dollars annually. Why do we still pay Whole Foods prices for a Walmart product?

Victor notes:

Too many vegans in Colorado, not enough hippies.

Casual Offers:

Everyone grows on their own! finally! We win.

Fred concludes:

Good, that means people will go back to where they came from. I don’t care about overpopulation in Colorado…

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