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Criminalizing weed is a waste of resources, says Pennsylvania AG as an election approach

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by Jelena Martinovic

With the mid-term approaching, cannabis is often in the spotlight of discussions. The candidate for governor of Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, who has previously expressed support for changing cannabis policy, has reiterated his support for the legalization of marijuana.

Shapiro previously told Broad and Liberty: “Continuing to criminalize personal adult marijuana use is a waste of limited law enforcement resources, taxpayer money, disproportionately affects minority communities, and does not make ours safer — which is why I support legalization under the underlying conditions. “. This week when asked if he would support legislation to legalize recreational marijuana.

As part of Broad + Liberty’s Candidate Spotlight series, Shapiro’s opponent, Doug Mastriano (right) was asked the same question. However, Mastriano’s campaign remained silent, although the governor’s candidate earlier Call Legalizing cannabis is a stupid idea.

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Meanwhile, Shapiro outlined what marijuana legalization should include, highlighting the criminal justice component. “Those who have been convicted of possession of small amounts of marijuana in a nonviolent manner should have their records expunged,” he said.

Second, Shapiro emphasized that the cannabis industry “must be regulated and taxed responsibly.” Finally, he He said Attracting businesses to Pennsylvania is essential to creating “well-paying jobs” and boosting the Commonwealth’s economy.

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“I’m not interested in supporting out-of-state companies to get in and make a quick profit for Pennsylvania to emerge,” Shapiro continued. “If we do that, marijuana legalization could lead to a more equitable criminal justice system and a stronger economy in Pennsylvania.”

Democrats push for marijuana legalization

Interestingly, the number of Democratic politicians becoming more vocal about marijuana policy reform is increasing as the midterm approaches.

Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania John Fetterman recently urge President Joe Biden is de-scheduling marijuana as a Schedule I drug and working to decriminalize it. Soon after, two politicians cross paths in Pittsburgh and discussed potential changes to the status of cannabis under the Controlled Substances Act before his speech at the union hall on Labor Day.

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White House Press Secretary Karen-Jean-Pierre told reporters at a press conference last week that she “has nothing to announce now,” responding to Fetterman’s request for Biden to cancel cannabis prior to his visit to Pittsburgh.

However, Jean-Pierre emphasized that Biden “believes that there are too many people serving too long sentences for nonviolent drug offenses, and a disproportionate number of them are black and brown.”

This article Originally appeared on Benzinga It has been republished with permission.

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