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From ice cream to sparkling water and dog chewing: How cannabis turns ‘covered’

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But many health experts warn that despite its veneer of wellness, cannabis users face a higher risk of developing mental health problems.

In a study of 2,000 participants from 11 sites across Europe and Brazil, daily cannabis users and high-potency users were three and five times more likely to develop psychotic disorders, respectively, than those who had never used the drug.

Effects of short-term use of cannabis-derived products include poisoning and panic attacks, while long-term use is associated with addiction, stroke, and an increased risk of cancer.

According to a scientific review by the ASEAN Journal of Psychiatry, cannabis use can also increase the risk of a fatal accident two to seven times. A 2019 study on the impact of cannabis legalization in Colorado found that since recreational marijuana was allowed, traffic deaths, where drivers tested positive for the drug, increased dramatically by 109 percent.

A study by the Addiction and Mental Health Group at the University of Bath revealed that street cannabis worldwide has become exponentially stronger over the past 50 years. High concentrations of THC have also been linked to a fourfold increased risk of addiction. Says a study published in the Lancet Psychiatry in July 2022.

Many CBD products, which are purportedly non-addictive as they are presumed to be THC-free, have also been found to contain the substance, contrary to label claims.

There is still a lack of sufficient evidence to prove the effectiveness of cannabis for most medical conditions. In the United States, only one CBD-based drug has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat seizures associated with two rare and severe forms of epilepsy. In Singapore, drug control policies are based on evidence and research. Although regulators allow safe and controlled access to evidence-based medical treatment options, cannabis remains an illegal drug.

Seeing after deception

However, the influence of the media has led to some misconceptions about cannabis use.

In 2019, celebrity influencer Kim Kardashian threw a CBD-themed kids’ bath, where guests were invited to make their own CBD-infused bath salts and body oils as they head out to meditation sessions. Other celebrities like Seth Rogen and Snoop Dogg also have no qualms about flaunting their use of the drug via their social media platforms.

A survey by public opinion firm YouGov and The Straits Times of 1,055 Singaporeans It found that 26 percent of Singaporeans aged 18-24 consider cannabis to be neither harmful or very harmless, with about 21 percent in the same age group saying they had considered trying a controlled substance.

With Thailand being the latest country to remove cannabis from the list of controlled drugs, there may be some who think cannabis is a “safe” drug to try during a weekend overseas trip.

but, As previously shown by a lot of researchCannabis is an addictive drug. Among those who have used cannabis, about 1 in 10 will develop dependence. This rises to 1 in 2 among those who use cannabis daily.

Even Thai authorities strongly discourage personal use of cannabis for non-medical reasons, then Recent hospitalizations after a cannabis overdose came to light.

Under Singapore’s Misuse of Drugs Act, any Singaporean citizen or permanent resident found to have used drugs abroad will be treated as if they had used drugs within Singapore. CNB is conducting checkpoint checks in Singapore and will take action against those found to have used drugs abroad.

Besides the legal consequences, the long-term negative effects of cannabis on physical and mental health should give anyone pause to even try. This is something that cannot be hidden from any amount of rebranding.

For more facts, myths, and other useful resources about cannabis, please refer to CNB’s kNOw Cannabis brochure or Video “The Buzz About Weed”.

Grow guide for marijuana beginners.
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