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Spotlight on congressional candidate: marijuana legalization

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We are back with Wide + Liberty Filter Spotlight Series! Each week we reach out to candidates across the Commonwealth to elect for public office – an equal number of Democrats and Republicans; Office holders and challengers. We ask one question a week about your pressing public policy. The answers of those who choose to respond will be shared on our website every Wednesday through Sunday.

Earlier this week, Pennsylvania candidates for Governor Governor And the lieutenant governor Discuss the ins and outs of legalizing marijuana. Today, candidates for the US Congress are giving their opinion.

If you are a candidate for public office in Pennsylvania and would like to participate in our series, please contact lsattler@broadandliberty.com.

This week’s question: As of this writing, Nineteen countries We have legalized the full recreational use of marijuana by adults, and Legislation has been introduced In the General Assembly of the Palestinian Authority to become the twentieth. Would you support legislation to legalize recreational marijuana in Pennsylvania? Why and why not?

David Galloch (right), running for US Congress, Fifth District

As a candidate running for membership of the United States Congress, I will not have the opportunity to vote on specific legislation at the state level such as whether Pennsylvania legalizes recreational marijuana. However, I will support legislation in Congress ending the federal marijuana ban. This would give states the power and flexibility to enact their own legislation regarding marijuana use free from federal interference. In the current situation, this problem is better managed by each individual country rather than a big government top-down approach.

A majority of Republicans and Democrats alike believe that marijuana should be legal in some capacity for medical or recreational use. For many patients, medical marijuana is an important part of their treatment and pain management.

Furthermore, the cost of monitoring marijuana use is estimated to be around $8 billion nationally. With violent crime rates on the rise across major US cities, including Philadelphia, our law enforcement officers are better served to keep violent criminals off the streets than to monitor marijuana use. With resources already so few, I think legalizing marijuana would take a significant amount of pressure on law enforcement, allowing them to focus their time and resources on major crimes.

David Galloch’s opponent, Mary Jay Scanlon, chose not to respond.

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