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Should weed be legal in Texas? One of the candidates says yes

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The Republican incumbent wants to expand medical marijuana while his opponent believes the weed should also be legal for recreational use.

HOUSTON – One of the most important issues in the race for Texas Agriculture Commissioner Get marijuana. One candidate wants to legalize it for recreational use, but the other says not so fast.

Republican incumbent Mr. Miller Agrees that the state Medical marijuana laws It should be expanded but stop there. Democratic challenger Susan Hayes He believes all Texans should have access to cannabis.

“I myself like to take cannabis to get a good night’s sleep. It’s great for insomnia,” Hayes said. “In Texas, there is a lack of willingness to get involved in facts, science, or politics.”

Hayes says Texas needs decriminalization and legalization.

“What happens if you decriminalize, but you don’t regulate? The black market is flowing more quickly,” Hayes said.

According to the post Poll by UT Tyler and The Dallas Morning NewsMany Texans agree with Hayes. 55% want legal recreational use and 72% support medical marijuana.

Legalizing cannabis may bring in some income. Colorado has generated $2.2 billion in tax revenue since 2014 from legalizing marijuana — something Miller says he has considered.

“What they tell me is it makes a lot of revenue. A lot of revenue, but it’s pretty expensive. It takes all that revenue to oversee and oversight programming,” Miller said.

Medical marijuana is already legal in Texas, but only for certain conditions. The Compassionate Use Program applies to the following:

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller said, “We’ve had medical marijuana since 2011. The problem I’m having is picking winners and losers. Some diseases can be cured. Some can’t.”

He thinks the decision should be left to the doctors.

“We just need to get bureaucrats and elected officials out of making medical decisions and let doctors make those decisions for the sake of patients.”

Marijuana Laws in Texas: What’s Legal and What’s Illegal

Convention on Biological Diversity. THC. chopsticks Marijuana.

If you are not a fan of cannabis, you may not know the difference. But in Texas, each has its own definition and law.

Both CBD and THC are found in the hemp plant. CBD is legal, while THC is regulated.

Hemp is legal, but marijuana is not. The difference between the two is a federal definition. Hemp has a THC concentration of less than 0.3%. Anything over that is considered marijuana – and that’s illegal for recreational use in the Lone Star State.

Medical marijuana laws in Texas

Under the Compassionate Use Program, or CUP, patients can receive low THC cannabinoids if the patient has one of the required medical conditions and is prescribed by a registered physician. Patients under the age of 18 may require a legal guardian.

Low-THC contains no more than 0.5% and medical use is limited to swallowing – not smoking – the prescribed dose of low THC.


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