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Cannabis career fair in Rochester on Wednesday

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ROCHESTER, NY (WHEC) – If you are looking for work, you may be interested in the Cannabis Career Fair taking place in Rochester on Wednesday. The event takes place at RochesterWorks! Rochester Career Center from 2 pm to 4 pm

Britney and Jason Tantalo will be there hoping to enlist. They already own Flower City Hydroponics and hope to open the Flower City Dispensary very soon. They have applied for one of the first licenses to sell cannabis legally and meet all the requirements that the state of New York is looking for. “I mean we get asked all the time just in public life and being in this place, where are the cannabis jobs? Now that there are licensed growers and processing facilities and soon retail distributions, the jobs are opening up,” Britney Tantalo says.

Those already working in the cannabis industry are hoping to do some spot hiring. “You will have professional growers, you will have skilled technicians, we will have sales partners, and they will be higher level positions such as operations managers, accounting and security,” adds Tantalo.

Most companies at this point in the process are looking for candidates who have traditionally been underserved. “Women, minority women, this is a huge initiative that we urge that women be at the forefront of this industry, certainly anyone who has been a victim of the war on drugs in relation to cannabis,” Tantalo says.

The hope is that even people who are currently growing/selling in the eclectic market might consider attending. “Sometimes people view us as an applicant from the legal side, and that there is this division as if there is no universal respect for everyone to make decisions about what is best for them and stick to what they believe in and their values ​​but hopefully they will take their knowledge and abilities. Many of them Very good at what they do and they come and join the legal side and be a part of building the infrastructure,” Tantalo says.


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