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Meet the Director of Cannabis Policy in New York

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As part of the New York Cannabis Control Council (CCB) Meeting On August 15, 2022, CCB proposed and approved John Kajia as Director of Policy in the Office of Cannabis Management. Given the expanded and stratified plans of the New York cannabis industry (with a general ban on vertical integration, a focus on social justice and advanced conditional licensing), the Policy Director will have quite a few responsibilities.

From Publishing the position of OCMthe duties of a Policy Administrator will include (but are not limited to!):

  • Oversee data analysis and evaluation of OCO programmes, policies and initiatives;
  • Manage the strategic planning, implementation and evaluation of OCM policy initiatives and act as a senior advisor to executive staff;
  • guide the assessment of the impact of cannabis legalization using key indicators across a variety of subgroups and scales;
  • Research, interpret and analyze legislation, laws, policies, administrative guidelines or case law that focus on the effects of legislation and other issues, rules and regulations that affect management, program operations or service delivery; And the
  • Use scientifically and epidemiologically valid methods and standards for policy development.

Some interesting things to note based on the specific duties. First, it was clear that OCM was looking for someone with a background in data analytics. Second, there appears to be an ongoing political component as the Policy Director appears to be tasked with providing analytical support to OCM and CCB policies.

And it seems that OCM and CCB have found an almost perfect fit. Prior to his adoption and employment by OCM, Mr. Kagia was a Knowledge Manager at New Frontier Data. From Biography:

John Kagia is a leading thought leader in the cannabis industry. He has developed market-leading forecasts for industry growth, uncovered leading insights into the cannabis consumer, and led the first-of-its-kind analysis of global cannabis demand.

Kagia works with investors, business owners, operators and industry innovators to understand the rapidly evolving industry, take advantage of emerging opportunities, hedge against risk, and forecast market-defining trends. Leveraging his years of experience managing research studies for industry-leading clients including Accenture, Boston Consulting Group, IBM, Microsoft, and the US Department of State, Kagia brings a deep understanding of how market insights enable organizations to plan, grow, compete, and measure performance more effectively.

From an OCM perspective, the focus was clearly on data analytics at Mr. Kagia. Given all that is happening in the adult-used cannabis industry in New York, Mr. Kajia will have no choice but to take off quickly, but it certainly looks like a good match and a step in the right direction.

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