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“Marijuana” and “Rosa Maria” in the Mexican Pharmacopoeia of 1846

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The term “marijuana” has been in the Mexican Pharmacopoeia since at least 1846, including its variants “marijuana” and “marijuana,” referring to the cannabis genus in a language where both J and G are pronounced as H, as well as “Rosa Maria” for hemp indica. Could ‘Red Mary’ refer to the red hue of some cultivars?

Note that they understood the difference between the ssp of hemp fiber (C. Sativa, specifically Cañamo or hemp) and Cannabis (C. Indica). Of course, even this cannabis was significantly higher in THC than 0.3% today, not to mention 20x more than CBD in it.

While it lists marijuana as having “narcotic” properties, it states that cannabis is an “emulsion,” something used to make an emulsion (which combines oil and water). Source: Google Books.


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