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An Insoluble Solution: How One Company’s Patented Technology Can Make CBD, Drugs, and Nutrients Water Soluble

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21Street SolutionAnd the A company known as “insoluble solution”, received a Patented for its technology to enable molecular dispersion of hydrophobic guest molecules in water.

What happened

21Street Solutions patents claim a new type of guest/host chemistry, which allows the formation of water-soluble complexes with cannabinoids, terpenes, nutraceuticals, and pharmaceuticals.

Why does it matter

Molecular dispersion technology for the company’s AmyletiX product lines could have a major impact on the worlds of beverages, hemp, nutraceuticals, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Simply , This plant enzymatic process represents a new way to mix water and oil.

Insoluble active ingredients have often been a barrier to not only creating nutritious products that are friendly to consumers, but also to the effective and efficient delivery of pharmaceutical drugs. This is particularly frequent in the hemp space.

CBD, for example, is a highly hydrophobic molecule. However, with this patented technology, CBD quickly disappears into water solutions without the need for additional emulsifiers or manufacturing power. The technology also selectively provides important film formation and structure construction.

The result of all this is a multifunctional system that delivers efficient, molecularly active ingredients within a final controlled or topical diet or beverage regimen. Using AmyletiX, functional lipids, including terpenes and CBD, disperse in water more intimately than emulsions, then using a multifunctional host; Formers can engineer a variety of structures for release potential, texture, and mouth feel,” 21Street Head of Solutions Gary Nickel explained.

What’s Next

With US patent issue 11326,195, 21Street Solutions has begun discussions to license ingredients, technology, and dozens of advanced application formulas, including new cannabis products, to various companies.

Nickel concluded, “Our science is deep and produces products to deliver cannabinoids to the medical and recreational cannabis markets. Our suite of multi-industry technologies create diverse application streams and provide broad licensing opportunities for a wide range of industries.”


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