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MJ Holdings unveils plan to cryptocurrency for first-ever cannabis

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Las Vegas, Nevada, October 5, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – MJ Holdings Inc. (OTCQB: MJNE), a highly diversified and publicly traded cannabis holding company, is excited to announce that John Tabacco, Vice President of Digital Asset Strategy, will be detailing MJ Holdings’ ground-breaking digital asset tokenization project at the Web3X Expo on October 10 in Vegas in Wynn. The company’s new venture will position MJ Holdings as a global leader in combining cannabis cultivation with a digital coding strategy. “I have been developing digital assets for the first time since 2015. In my previous role as Vice President of Technology at Overstock.com subsidiary Tzero, we broke the traditional norms with digital asset strategies in e-commerce and in the capital markets. Now, we will combine MJ Holdings’ massive real estate portfolio, 260 acres of arable land in the Amargosa Valley, the growing expertise of the MJ team and MJ’s unique corporate structure for integrating legal recreational cannabis and digital assets or tokens.For years, companies have been pitching ideas around the idea of ​​turning marijuana crops into a token, But so far, the zero sum has successfully demonstrated the resources, capabilities, and knowledge of cannabis to bring together these two emerging areas of growth: crypto and cannabis.”

The Web3 Expo takes place in Las Vegas from October 10 to 13 and Mr. Tabacco is set to reveal the company’s first details of the MJ Fractional Farming Token affiliate program.

MJ Founder Paris Balaouras said: “MJ has assembled a global team of professional growers and has done the hard work to put together a world-class facility with 260 acres in the Amargosa Valley. Now with John on board, we intend to change the game in Tokenizing Cannabis Grow assets and use Blockchain and digital tokens to simplify Our process from grow to sale.I’ve been in the Cannabis Marijuana game for decades and have never seen a single company with such a unique combination of professional resources, assets and talents combined into one project.There are still challenges faced by marijuana growers across the country, and we believe the Token Program This first pilot will be the first step in a massive paradigm shift in space. We’re excited to lead the charge.”

MJ Holdings Director of Operations, Al Reasonover, added: “It has been four years of love working on the Amargosa farm and having all the approvals, facilities and critical infrastructure in place to grow better in the cannabis flower strain, both internally and externally. We are now looking to combine our state-of-the-art facility and grow our expertise with this groundbreaking digital strategy. We look forward to letting the world know where MJ is heading at next week’s Web3 Expo”

We look forward to sharing our vision for the future of combining cannabis and cryptocurrency when I present our token strategy at the WEB3X conference in Vegas on October 10, 2022.

About MJ Holdings, Inc.

MJ Holdings Inc. (OTCPK: MJNE) is a highly diversified, publicly traded cannabis holding company based in the greater Las Vegas area. MJ Holdings currently offers agriculture management, licensing support, production management, asset development and infrastructure.

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Company contact:
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