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Why do weed give you munchies?

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Weed can trigger food cravings and enhance your enjoyment of food. But why? Observations about the intersection of herbs and food are believed to have been first recorded hundreds of years ago: Rajanirganta, an ancient Hindu text dating back to 300 CE, states that Appetite stimulating properties of herbs.

Cravings for calorie-dense foods often prevail when snacks hit. Big brands are taking advantage of this by designing foods geared toward the stone palate: Think Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked ice cream or Jack in the Box’s Munchie Meals. Even McDonald’s, which recently launched the first Happy Meal for adults, is fave. In fact, huge 43.4% of weed smokers He admitted hitting the golden arches when it was high in 2017, compared to 8.7% who chose Subway’s fairly healthy sandwich options.

Here’s the lowdown on why cannabis makes you a predator, the science behind weed cravings, and how to manage snacks.

Why does getting high make you hungry?

One of the reasons weeds release snacks is that THC can raise dopamine levels. Dopamine is a feel-good neurotransmitter in the body that is released when we engage in pleasurable behaviors, such as eating delicious food. Thanks to the effect of dopamine, we feel a particularly strong sense of internal reward when we eat something salty, sweet or very filling. The effect of THC on the dopamine system means that food tastes and smells very appealing when we are high.

Our endocannabinoid system also affects the hypothalamus, a part of the brain that plays a major role in appetite, metabolism, and eating for pleasure. When THC interacts with endocannabinoid receptors In the hypothalamus, our appetites can become voracious.

In addition, THC’s ability to stimulate these receptors can be beneficial Increase the dining experience, which makes it more interesting. Herbal snack consumers often report that food tastes, smells, and feels particularly good after ingesting THC, which enhances the overall eating experience.

beyond the brain, THC also enhances the release of ghrelinIt is a hormone secreted in the stomach and stimulates hunger. This combination of biochemical processes can culminate in a hedonistic experience, making even the humble salt biscuit irresistible.

“For me, the feeling of euphoria affects the feeling around food the most,” says Caleb Chen, founder of the company. top critic, a website that explores the intersection of cannabis with food. “I’ll take more time to enjoy it with more bites, even pretzels.”

David Weeks, CEO of Seed Vendor BudChampion, believes there’s an aspect of conditioning that drives snack foods: You get high on snacks and crave; Snacks taste better because you’re high, and voila – a reinforcing loop is created.

Do All Breeds Cause munchies?

The higher the THC content in the breed, the stronger the food.

in study On the effect of cannabis on the appetite of HIV-positive men, higher doses of THC were associated with a greater increase in the hunger hormone ghrelin, thus raising appetite.

THC’s ability to stoke appetite can be life-changing for individuals with chronic diseases such as HIV or cancer, who often suffer from anorexia and cachexia (wasting and weight loss due to chronic illness). for example, 1 pilot study Exploring the effects of cannabis in advanced cancer patients found that 17.6% of patients experienced a 10% weight gain when they consumed cannabis daily.

While THC increases appetite, other cannabinoids appear to have the opposite effect. CBD can appetite suppression, as well as THCV, which calls itself the “diet herb.” If you’re looking to curb your hunger pangs when you’re high, strains of high THCV, like poison durbanOr, strains with balanced ratios of CBD and THC, may be just the ticket.

Why do people crave certain foods when they get high?

Of course, unusual cravings can be a feature of snacks. “I had a craving for sardines from time to time,” Weeks said. However, sardines represent the end of the taming spectrum. “I saw [a colleague] Eat sugar-sweetened pickles — and yes, that means pickles that have a lot of sugar.”

The science of what we crave is actually relatively straightforward. High-calorie, fatty, and sugary foods can do just that Evokes feelings of great reward in the brain On their own, so combining these foods with weeds can result in an extra dose of dopamine. Eating sugar-sweetened sardines or pickles when they’re high can take your taste buds on a magical ride on the carpet.

It may also seem that the combination of different types of foods, such as sweet and savory, is irresistible. Caleb Chen remembers devouring half of a watermelon while making spicy seafood ramen before he realized the watermelon’s potential as a noodle bowl.

“The delicious, salty noodles were met in every bite by cool bursts of lightly sweet watermelon that would cool the still-hot noodles,” he said.

Chen reported that he tried the spicy watermelon noodles when he was sober and they were absolutely delicious.

“That moment opened my eyes to the possibilities of combining foods,” he said. “I know for sure I wouldn’t have mixed these two different ingredients together if I hadn’t been so high.”

How to manage snacks

Being inundated with snacks isn’t ideal, especially if you’re unprepared.

“Einstein said time is relative — you get to experience this firsthand when you’re high, snacking, and waiting for your food, but delivery takes a long time,” Weeks reflected.

If you’re worried about overloading your trash, consider loading your fridge with it Healthy and satiating food That still hits those sweet, salty, and calorie-dense spots. Guacamole, nuts, sushi, watermelon, berries, chickpeas with veggie sticks, or healthy bean burritos are all satisfying alternatives to bacon, sundae, or cake. Having an array of healthy snacks on hand means you’re less likely to head to the corner store and ditch the chips aisle.

Chen also has wise words to say: “Don’t think about the food you can’t have.” Imagining burgers or fries when there is no way to have them can only lead to heartbreak and unfulfilled hunger pangs. If you know what you’re craving while you’re high, make sure you have those snacks on hand. You will thank yourself later.

If you are eager to try Avoid light foods completelyThere are a few tried and tested techniques. For example, you could try eating a nutrient-rich and satisfying meal before consuming cannabis. A full belly means you’re less likely to overeat on sweets or fall victim to snack attacks.

Brushing your teeth can also be a powerful deterrent: the bright brushing and fresh mint scent can keep you from reaching for the cookie jar.

Finally, try CBD and Strains rich in THCV. As discussed above, THCV – also known as “diet marijuana” – can provide you with a powerful, stimulant appetite suppressant and appetite suppressant. A few puffs of Durban Poison, Pineapple Purps, or Jack the Ripper can help you experience a high THC, but without triggering cravings for pizza — or sugary pickles.

Grow guide for marijuana beginners.
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