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Announcing a cannabis compliance training program

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Albany, New York (News 10) — The Office of Cannabis Management announced the Cannabis Compliance Training and Counseling (CCTM) program on Thursday. The program is 10 weeks long and builds on previous Fellowship and Farmers programmes. The program aims to grow and diversify pipelines for growers and processors looking to participate in the adult cannabis industry in New York. The program will open for applications on October 20.

“The New York cannabis industry promises abundant opportunities, and we are helping New Yorkers prepare themselves so they can benefit from it,” said Tremaine Wright, president of the Cannabis Control Council. “We know that many New Yorkers have experience growing and processing plants. We now offer training in the compliance skills needed to succeed in our regulated industry.”

The CCTM program will include a series of structured webinars covering a range of topics related to cannabis cultivation, processing, compliance and agribusiness management. The program will be available to those with horticultural experience who wish to grow cannabis in a regulated market.

Chris Alexander, Executive Director of the Office of Cannabis Management. “Cultivating the next wave of licensed growers and processors is essential to creating a cannabis ecosystem that benefits everyone. This is one of many programs we will launch to prepare New Yorkers to take advantage of legal market opportunities, and I am very excited to announce this effort.”

The program will consist of 15-20 virtual webinars and will take place between November 2022 and February 2023. Technical training and service delivery will be provided through:

  • Adult use of conditional farmers
  • Use conditional processors for adults
  • State University of New York Morrisville
  • Cornell University
  • Office of Cannabis Management (Compliance and Legal Staff)
  • Business and accounting professionals with experience in the use of cannabis

SUNY Morrisville will host webinars through the whiteboard. Program participants may submit written summaries of the main meals from each lesson.

“SUNY Morrisville is excited to host and help with this program,” said Dr. Tony Konto, Dean of the College of Agriculture, Business and Technology at SUNY Morrisville. “Through our Cannabis and Specialty Crop Production Certificate Program, and Hemp Industry Minor, SUNY Morrisville is leading the way in cannabis education to prepare students to join one of the fastest growing sectors of the horticultural/agricultural industry in New York State and nationwide. These programs give students the opportunity to focus on specific areas of interest, including cannabis botany, production and processing technologies, marketing capabilities and evaluations.”

Candidates for the Compliance Training Program must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • Obtaining a valid ID card issued by a government agency
  • They have historical experience in agriculture and the cultivation of traditional crops, and the processing of food and beverage products in organized markets

Previous farming experience to qualify for the program includes:

  • Ownership, participation, management, or employment in an agricultural business, urban farm, or community-supported agricultural organization.
  • Agricultural training or vocational training.
  • Participate in a farm training or farm incubator program.
  • A two- or four-year degree in a relevant field of study.

Applications will be considered regarding a variety of factors related to these work experiences and how well the skills demonstrated in the adult cannabis industry are translated. It is expected that 200-250 participants will be selected from the applicants.


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