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On 2nd Anniversary, Missouri Marijuana Sales Generate $500 Million in Revenue at Retail

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Today marks two years since the first legal marijuana sale in Missouri.

The onset of marijuana in Missouri was measured in a matter of weeks.

In the first two weeks of sales, Missouri dispensaries sold out Medical marijuana $345,890.00.

The following month, Missouri residents introduced Purchases worth $1.9 million at statutory dispensaries across the state.

Last month, patients with medical marijuana certification averaged $1.14 million in combined purchases per day.

Display case displays a selection of medical marijuana products available on October 17, 2020.

The growth of the legal marijuana industry in Missouri has been rapid.

During the first 12 months of marijuana sales, patients purchased just over $160 million in products from Missouri dispensaries.

One year later, the state just crossed $500 million in cumulative sales.

Official totals for October won’t be released until early November, but on the two-year anniversary of the first medical marijuana sale, the state is preparing for further expansion.

The market opened with two clinics. One is on the eastern side of the state – about 20 minutes from the heart of St. Louis, One Place in Manchester, and one is just 15 miles from the state’s western border, fresh green at the top of me. Today, there are 193 dispensaries that are approved to operate and serve Missouri patients.

N’Bliss It opened its doors to patients for the first time on a crisp October morning, with lines of people outside the door waiting to make their first legal marijuana purchase. Inside, Larry Simpson stood patiently waiting for history to be made. Simpson survived a fierce battle with stomach cancer that devastated his body, suppressed his appetite, and wreaked havoc on his life, now he and his wife stand inside one of the state’s two dispensaries, waiting to make their first legal act. Buying marijuana in Missouri.

On opening day at N’Bliss, the room was filled with five varieties of the medicinal marijuana flower. There were no medicinal nutrients, extracts, tinctures, or any other product available.

Available to patients, the first flower sells for $59.99 per ⅛ or $349.99 per ounce.

Today, patients are overwhelmed with a variety of options.

A view from behind the counter at ReLeaf Resources marijuana dispensary in Grandview, Mo

At the same N’Bliss dispensary, two years later, sales prices have dropped to $19.99 per , and many items are offered for $24.99 – $29.99 per at standard prices.

On the western side of the state, in ReLeaf Resources At Grandview, customers can choose from over 60 items. None of these options exceed $50.00 each and the average price is $38.00 for 3.5 grams.

“The ReLeaf Resources dispensary opened its doors to the Kansas City market on Black Friday 2020 with just three strains of C4 flowers,” said Josh Ordo, General Manager at ReLeaf. green road. Fast-forward to today and we currently offer over 700 products on our menu. We pride ourselves on having the most diverse menu in town, it ensures our patients will always find the relief they have been looking for.”

While ReLeaf has one of the most robust product inventories in the state, the dispensary holds more than 80 vaporizers and carts, about 80 different centers, and more than 160 different eating and eating options, ReLeaf is definitely not a misnomer.

Chloe from ReLeaf Resources stocks bags during promotional event | ReLeafResourcesMO / Facebook

Almost every dispensary in the state is stocked with 40 or more brands and dozens of options for concentrates and edibles. The Shangri-La The Superstore in Colombia currently has more than 100 items mojo clinic At Nixa there are currently more than 80 types of cuisine in stock. The battle for shelf space between cannabis companies and state brands has led to prices dropping much faster than most medical marijuana states. While some cultivars are still available for $50 each, it is also common to see a price tag of under $200 per ounce, with some small buds, pruning, shaking, etc. for $100 or less per ounce.

shangri – no clinics | @shangriladispensaries / instagram

Now, just weeks before the fourth anniversary of medical marijuana legalization in Missouri, the state is preparing to vote for adult use.

In November 2018, 65.5 percent of voters approved Amendment 2, which legalized the use of marijuana for medical purposes in Missouri.

Two days after Missouri officially legalized medical marijuana at the age of four, Missouri residents will be asked whether or not they support legalizing marijuana possession for adults age 21 and older.

While the Amendment 3 has been met with political opposition, from both sides of the aisle, polls indicate that the Amendment will pass. in three different Polls This year, results show more than 60% approval for adult use in Missouri. While other polls showed minimum Support numbers, only one poll in Missouri showed opposition to the Amendment 3 in a poll. In all other survey approval numbers, a double digit is advanced.

Absentee voting has already begun in Missouri. Early voting begins next week on October 25 and election day is November 8.


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