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Growing support for legal marijuana

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When same-sex marriage was legalized nationwide, political and sociologists noted that the societal shift on the issue was remarkable—even unparalleled. Before the Supreme Court enacted the right into law in 2015, Americans moved hard in its favour, and have continued to do so ever since.

“You can’t find another case where attitudes have changed so quickly,” Politics World He told the Washington Post.

Turns out you kind of can – because marijuana goes pretty much the same path.

Published by Monmouth University new poll On Monday, it found that nearly 7 in 10 Americans — 68 percent — support legalizing small amounts for personal use, compared to just 26 percent who oppose it.

The poll comes as President Biden has in recent weeks moved to Pardon anyone convicted of a federal crime for drug possessionHe urged governors to do the same at the state level. (The poll showed that 69 percent support this amnesty.) He also said his administration would review marijuana’s classification as a Schedule I drug, a category that includes heroin.

Compared to 25 years ago, survey numbers on marijuana legalization have flipped. In 1997, an ABC News poll showed that only 22 percent supported legalizing the possession of small quantities for personal use, and three-quarters opposed it.

This position has continued since the 1980s. But since then, the path has been steadily and sharply tilting toward legalization, according to a review of polls from Monmouth, ABC, CBS News and The Washington Post.

And if you overlay support for same-sex marriage as well as the legalization of small amounts of marijuana, you’ll see that they are on very similar paths. Only about a quarter supported these policies in the late 1990s. Now about 7 in 10 support them.

(Uses the chart below Gallup data for same-sex marriage.)

So far, the sharp shift in favor of marijuana legalization has not led to a comprehensive national policy. But many states have moved to legalize medical marijuana, and a smaller but growing number have legalized possession of it for personal use and entertainment.

Recreational marijuana legalization is on the ballot in five states next month election, including four red ones. If they succeed, that means Almost half of all countries will legalize it.

Most of those states legitimized it through the ballot initiative rather than through their legislators—a reflection of how sensitive the issue is to elected officials. At the same time, the response to Biden’s move has been muted — even as Republicans follow a tough message on crime in the 2022 election. It mirrors gay marriage in this way: Perhaps conservatives realize that their side is increasingly on the losing side of an issue and decide to stop talk about it.

(The Democrats did lately She lobbied Congress to legalize same-sex marriageciting the Supreme Court’s annulment of the right to miscarriage A warning about same-sex marriage may be next. Although we don’t know if Republicans will cast enough votes in the Senate, 47 Republicans have already voted in the House, and opponents of the bill have emphasized that they feel the bill is unnecessary — and that the Supreme Court won’t actually overturn it. Aubergeville Instead, they oppose same-sex marriage.

The Monmouth poll indicates that the march toward legal marijuana is likely to continue. For example, far fewer people said marijuana was more dangerous than alcohol (7 percent to 54 percent) and tobacco (13 percent to 45 percent). Only 3 in 10 people view marijuana as at least a “fairly serious” problem Half in 2014 CNN Poll. Support for legalization is almost at consensus levels among young people, with 87 percent of those under 35 supporting it.

It may be a while before everyone really joins in, given that Republicans and seniors are equally divided on the issue. But for now—except for some new revelations showing negative effects from the legalization we’ve seen so far—it seems only a matter of time.


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