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US group urges Idaho to delay ban on cannabis in animal food and feed

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A national animal food group is urging Idaho officials to delay enforcement of a ban on sales of animal foods containing hemp or hemp derivatives.

The ban, set to go into effect next Tuesday (November 1), was announce by the state Department of Agriculture in July. CBD and other hemp-derived products intended for pets and farm animals are affected.

NASC Warning

“Removing CBD pet products from the market paves the way for a black market industry of unscrupulous suppliers selling questionable products that may ultimately harm animals,” the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) said in a statement. petition It was launched on change.org. “It may also lead pet owners to switch to human products not designed for pets or marijuana products that contain high levels of THC,” according to the group, which promotes the health and well-being of pets and horses.

The National Aeronautics Committee has called on the state to defer enforcement action until the next Idaho legislative session in 2023. That would give lawmakers time to draft a bill that would allow the “responsible sale of these valuable products to all our companion animals,” the council said.

The situation in Idaho

The 2021 Idaho law, which created the state’s cannabis program, does not allow plant derivatives to be used in animal feed, nor in pet food and processing, according to agriculture officials. It follows the US Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, which states that products intended to treat a disease or that have therapeutic or medicinal applications, or any non-food product that affects the structure or function of the human or animal body, is considered a drug.

The Idaho Veterinary Medical Association has taken no position on this issue. But animal owners are concerned that some who have been successfully treated with CBD may suffer if the products are withdrawn.

Search required

With the spread of hemp-containing products to animals, the US animal feed industry, feed regulators and animal health officials have pushed for more research into hemp products in order to develop uniform rules. A number of organizations led by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) co-authored a Shared open letter Earlier this year, I addressed the health concerns related to cannabis in animal feed and pet foods, and the threats to the human food chain from farm animals consuming unproven products.

The AAFCO said it’s too soon to know if hemp is safe for farm and ranch animals and pets.

The FDA has also said that a lack of research means that therapeutic claims made regarding CBD use in animals have not been proven. The agency warned that animal owners should replace veterinary care by managing the complex. Food and Drug Administration Issuing warnings to four companies making CBD products for animals in May, citing safety concerns and ordering them to stop marketing.


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