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Mental health provider expands drug-assisted treatment for serious, chronic medical illnesses

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Numinus Wellness Inc. NUMIF He announced the launch of his new clinical program, Ketamine for Chronic and Serious Medical Illnesses, to be offered first in Utah, BC and Quebec clinics and then expanded to the remaining Numinus facilities.

The company’s model includes narcotic drug production, research, and clinical care with the goal of recovery rather than managing symptoms of depression, anxiety, trauma, pain, and substance abuse.

According to Numinus CSO Dr. Paul Thielking Many patients experience adjustment disorders, including depression and anxiety, when going through various stages of chronic and serious medical illnesses for which ketamine-assisted therapy has been shown to be effective in addressing these symptoms.

Dr. Tillking anticipates that this type of treatment will provide the opportunity to alleviate the suffering of patients, while at the same time expanding the Numinus model of care that is accessible to a larger population.

The new program will address chronic and serious medical conditions, which include various diagnoses ranging from muscle cancer to chronic pain, explained Numinus’ vice president of product development and protocol. Dr. Neil Barclay.

“In the United States alone, six million people can benefit from palliative care, but current treatments have gaps that leave patients struggling to deal with distress. The Numinus Program addresses this gap by providing safe, ketamine-enabled therapy tailored to this patient population and serving as an adjunct to patients’ current treatment “.

Having said that, the program will provide knowledge, practices, and skills as well as additional community support to improve patients’ physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual suffering. Treatment will be provided by healthcare professionals specially trained in chronic and serious medical conditions, who will work with each patient’s existing healthcare team in order to provide them with an effectively integrated experience.

Other commercials

Numinus will present the Salt Lake City premiere of Dosed 2: Trip of a Lifetime, a documentary that follows the journey of a terminally ill patient through drug-assisted therapy, to raise awareness of the positive impact of drug-assisted therapy for serious palliative and serious illnesses. The patients. The date is November 8, 2022.

Additionally, the recently acquired NovaMind Clinic’s integration of services, including the recent merger of nearby Murray and Salt Lake City Clinics, to streamline clinic operations and hopefully offer expanded service to clients in the region while also reducing operating costs.

Image provided by RODNAE Productions on Pexels and Doc James on Wikimedia Commons.


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