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Marijuana Business: 3 Essential Books to Get Started in the Cannabis Industry

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The cannabis industry is undoubtedly one of the most dynamic and interesting in the world today. The growing policies of legalization of medicinal CBD and THC products have fueled the emergence of a true revolution throughout the world.

But sometimes it is difficult to find good guides to start in the legal cannabis business.

Whether you want to open your own dispensary, know how to invest in marijuana companies, or learn first-hand how businesses work, today we are going to recommend the 3 essential books about cannabis business that you should not miss.

The Business of Cannabis: Blueprint To a High Income

“The Business of Cannabis” by Jared Kesselman

A roaring green market lies ahead in the legal world of cannabis. Jared Kesselman, an insider who has spent his entire career in this field, reveals the business of cannabis in a frank and direct way that marks his mentoring style. His expertise from 20 years in the game covers every corner of the industry. He lays out the principles, strategies, experience, and wisdom, upon which you can build a successful cannabis kingdom.

Jared ushers you inside his world of green with fascinating, instructive personal stories, and nuts-and-bolts business deals. Whether you choose to grow, manufacture, distribute, build a brand, or operate a dispensary, everything you need to win is right here. This market is booming and it’s just getting started. Now is the time to get in on this dynamic industry, and The Business of Cannabis is just the blueprint you need to succeed.

The Investor’s Guide to Cannabis Stocks

“The Investor’s Guide to Cannabis Stocks” by Dr. James V. Baker

If you are either invested in or thinking about investing in cannabis stocks you need to read this book. It identifies and evaluates publicly traded cannabis companies, ETFs, and SPACs. It ranks these cannabis stocks from the cheapest to the most expensive by applying generally accepted valuation metrics.

The same metrics are also applied to growth and value stocks to show how cannabis stocks rank relative to other well-known stocks. This book enables you to make informed decisions about which stocks offer the best investment value.

Cannabis Business Startup: Easy and complete beginner’s guide to legally start, run and grow your successful cannabis business

“Cannabis Business Startup: Easy and complete beginner’s guide to legally start, run and grow your successful cannabis business” by David Light

The third book on our list is the perfect guide for all those people who may not have the profile of an experienced investor or entrepreneur, but who want to start from scratch in the marijuana industry. The book is written in a concise, simple language, and, what is more important: Step by step.

Throughout this guide you will be able to understand all the legal bases of the industry, and know the types of licenses to know how to set up a dispensary, or invest in cannabis businesses. It is without a doubt one of the best books we know on this subject, and suitable for all levels of entrepreneurship, from people who have just started, to those with business notions and previous experience.

But if all of you are still looking for more information and books about the cannabis industry, then we recommend you visit our online bookstore.

Here you will find dozens of books on business, CBD oil, therapeutic uses of marijuana, recipes… and even coloring books for adults!

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