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Gage Cannabis announces the fourth recipient of Social Equality Scholarship, Midwest CannaNurses

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Gage Cannabis, a subsidiary of TerrAscend Corp. and the leading brand and operator of high-quality cannabis in Michigan, today announced the fourth winner of Social Equity Grants, Midwest CannaNurses (“MCN”). MCN is a Detroit-based, comprehensive health and wellness consulting firm dedicated to advocacy, education, and inclusion with a focus on cannabis as an alternative treatment.

“Midwest CannaNurses is very grateful to receive Gage’s generous grant, which will help our mission to educate the community about cannabis as an alternative treatment for health and wellness,” said Biyyiah Lee, co-founder and CEO of Midwest CannaNurses. “With this contribution, we will be able to provide professional development for nurses and allied health professionals and expand our community outreach efforts by holding more educational seminars for the public. We are pleased to see companies like Gage looking for opportunities to support organizations working to advance diverse communities, and Equity Grant will enable us to These social groups are able to continue advocating the safe and informed use of cannabis.”

Founded in 2020 by a group of licensed nurses who recognized their unique position and duty to normalize cannabis as medicine, Midwest CannaNurses has sought to bridge the current gap in public knowledge through education efforts including the “Outgrow The Stigma” initiative. Across Michigan, MCN provides consulting services with a focus on cannabis as a drug, and provides education on topics such as dosing titration, safe consumption, methods of administration, and individual CannaPlans.

“Gage and TerrAscend are proud to award our Social Justice Scholarship to Midwest CannaNurses, a valuable organization focused on advocating for the safe and effective use of cannabis while advocating destigmatization and decriminalization in communities of color,” said Mike Venus, President and Executive Vice President of Operations. In Gage Cannabis. “Biyyiah and MCN are an exceptionally talented group of health experts who provide education and resources to patients and medical professionals across Michigan. We look forward to supporting MCN as they continue to eliminate access disparities and improve the quality of life of their patients for years to come.”


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