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Let’s talk about how sex and hemp go hand in hand

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Want to get it with a taste of THC? Ace Valley has a pair of bedroom facilities for Canadians.

Who wouldn’t want great sex? Part of the beauty of being busy is that there are a million and one way to do it, but no matter what it seems to you – from solo sex to group fantasies and anything In between – great sex is something most people can get behind.

According to a Strainprint survey of the Cannabis Research Group, 75% of cannabis users Deliberately using cannabis to improve their sex life.

So, if sex and cannabis match up so nicely, why aren’t more people talking about it? There is still a stigma around talking about both sex and cannabis. Sex for whoever wants it – Everyone should feel good about their bodies. The same can be said about cannabis – everyone should have the opportunity to experience cannabis in their own way – but people need to feel comfortable talking about both if they want the most out of their buds and their plant. Because remember that everyone experiences cannabis differently.

Ice Valley, the Toronto-based supplier of unique and flavored chewing gums, is ready to help break the stigma between sex and cannabis by releasing two great gourmet flavors. LUST and THRUST Gummies are made with fun in mind to celebrate sexual positivity and the long history between sex and cannabis.

Are you ready for great sex? Here’s the deal sex, networking, and cannabis… and how you can get your hands on this chewing gum.

Let’s talk about sex…maybe?

Did you know that Canadians have a little less sex from the global average? And although many have been cooped up with their intimate partners over the past few years, a lot of them are. even less sex. What gives?

It is very good that there is a failure in the connection. One Survey 2020 Found that a quarter of Canadians are complete Talking about sex is uncomfortable. It’s even harder for those at risk of sexual stigma; single scan for gay women I found that many were more comfortable collecting sexual health information online, where they could maintain a level of anonymity.

Elephant in the bedroom

Overcoming the discomfort of talking about sex is key to understanding your and your sexual partners’ desires for more mind-blowing sex, which may be easier said than done. But sometimes you need a little more Conversation to get more action.

Feeling empowered in your sex life is not an easy path. It may take some time to learn how to feel comfortable asking partners what you need. Great sex is available to everyone, but good communication can require some intention.

It’s an easy fix in theory: you just have to talk about it. Keeping the line of communication open, expressing your exact desires and not relying on assumptions can lead to Sex is more satisfying for both partiesenthusiastic approval, and healthier relationships in general, even if it’s just bidder something.

Getting into a headspace where you’re open, understanding, and confident enough to share is the hard part—but letting go of your insecurities and allowing yourself full contact and being present with sexual partners can help everyone get more when they get some.

Don’t be afraid to shoot your lust

A satisfying sexual encounter begins with an open mind. Ace Valley Lust Cherry Rose gummies contain a little bit of 5mg of THC and 50mg of CBD per pack. Treating yourself to luscious gum may encourage and enable you to express your desires while minimizing distractions and may create the right state of mind for a stage setting.

This gourmet delicacy has natural flavor and plant extracts to make this delicious treat a hearty appetizer for an intimate encounter. Enjoy LUST desserts as your evening begins and share your wishes as they take effect, which can take about half an hour (individual results may vary). Don’t worry – you have it all night.

Enjoy the moment with every sound

When you’re ready to turn up the heat, enjoy Ace Valley Thrust Watermelon Goji Gum, which is packed with a shimmering dose of 10mg of THC per pack. For those who report that cannabis may enhance and increase each tease, taste and touch, they can fully experience every moment and get lost in the sensation.

The succulent natural flavor of watermelon and goji berry juice add a drop of sweetness to these delicious delights, so shred the packet when you really want to treat yourself.

Get ready to get it

Get out of your head and into the bedroom. Great sex and deliciously delicious desserts make a delicious match that everyone should enjoy, so it’s time to start dreaming about your deepest desires. Ace Valley LUST and THRUST gum are available now, just in time for fun fall fall fun and heat building in cold weather.

Remember that everyone experiences cannabis differently. Individual results and start times may vary.


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