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Munising Cannabis becomes UP’s first small business

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MUNISING, Michigan (WLUC) – From seed to weed, Munising’s cannabis-based dispensary offers customers a new retail experience.

Munising Cannabis is UP’s first small business, meaning all cannabis products sold are grown and packed in store.

“We are just proud of our ability to grow our products and make all of our chewing gums,” said Jodi Irving, general manager of Munising Cannabis Company. “Everything here is made and sent for testing, so everything is tested, it’s chemical free and solventless.”

Irving says they make two new crops each month which means there will be new products available to customers regularly.

“We will never have the versatility found elsewhere, but we will have the quality,” Irving said. “Sort of handcrafted beer rather than Budweiser and some people are like Budweiser and some people like handcrafted beer. We want to cater to a community that is a little more interested in where the product is sourced and how it was produced.”

Having the same people who grow cannabis who also sell it helps ensure customers always speak to an expert, says retail and farm manager Bill Hayes.

“They like to know it’s grown here, they know the people who grow it, and it’s comforting for them to know there’s a quality product coming out,” Hayes said.

Hayes says he is proud of his team for helping launch the first business of its kind at UP

“I think it’s amazing that we’re able to make a mark in history, especially in this city for what we’ve done and what we’re doing,” Hayes said.

The store offers discounts to veterans, seniors, and medical card holders. Visit website website To learn more about the products the business offers.


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