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5 Cannabis Board Games to Have Fun With Friends

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There are two indisputable effects that we all know when smoking ganja: The munchies and the desire to have fun having a laugh.

We are not going to say anything about culinary and edible topics today, since you have many cookbooks in our online store (and surely there is a good amount of snacks in your fridge in case you’ll need it).

But on the subject of having a good time, we are sure that we can give you a hand.

Today we want to recommend you our five favorite cannabis board games. They are perfect to enjoy with friends during the weekend, or for any “herbaceous” relaxing moment.


Roll-a-Bong is a board game dedicated to the community of weed enthusiasts who like smoking while playing games. It is the rolling and ganja game for the whole joint.

Roll-a-Bong is a track board game where players roll the dice to move along the path. Each square has directions to be followed by the player. The player may choose to give away the prize to any other player.

Landing on a Roll-a-Bong square lets players roll both dice on a special results table for even more fun. Game includes a Roll-a-Bong game board, 8 player pawns, 2 6-sided dice, game rules.

YO-CANNABISS Comedy Board Game

YO-CANNABISS Comedy Board Game

The Yo Cannabis Comedy Game is the fun way to enjoy your game night. A card game combo with an in-your-face game board that encourages you to express yourself with attitude! Enhance your social life without going out!

Choose the same ridiculous, bad-a** answer as other like-minded players and win the round! Player(s) with the most rounds wins. Do each round in 4 minutes and 20 seconds. But who’s counting?

The ideal type of cannabis board game to lose your embarrassment and interact with your friends!



Get ready for an epic adventure with Ganjaland, the 420 themed novelty board game, in which players explore a magical world of fun, adventure, friendship, and good vibes of course.

Who Will Be The Royal Highness of Ganjaland? The first player to land on the bud brick entrance to the ~Castle~ gets bragging rights and gets to wear the crown (yes there is a crown included).

A stoner board game with an enchanting “fairytale twist” and epic laugh-out-loud moments!



Weed-opoly: weed-opoly the board game where you Tractor through the marijuana farm and try to reach end at stonedfirst. Succeed and you become the head weedopolist.

Player’s will try to slow you down withtake-a-hitcards but with a few baggies of luck and the ability to answer category questions like name at least 5 slang words for marijuana… OR successfully perform tongue twisters likescintillating sativas stuck to susie’s socks,without mistakes and you may become the head weedopolist.

A perfect cannabis board game to play and enjoy with friends!

WEED the Game

WEED: The Game

This is another board game about marijuana, based on the style of “Monopoly” but with great realism, and great detail. You will have to start buying seeds and planting to discover new varieties, and become important in the medical marijuana industry.

It is a game similar to “weed Opoly” but with much more details and more realistic. The perfect gift for those people who have a dispensary, or for that neighbor who is studying how to start in the medical cannabis business.

What do you think of our selection of board games? You can leave us a comment below, or share this article from our blog on your social media profiles.

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