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Health Canada wants to end medical cannabis

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Health Canada wants to end medical cannabis in Canada. They opened a questionnaire for Canadians to enter their opinions. But as is usually the case with these things, decisions have already been made.

“They have always been disingenuous when they put these kinds of surveys out of the scope of surveys,” says Ted Smith, a long time ago. cannabis Activist and contributor cannabis digestion. “They really made their decisions in the situation they’re heading into.”

Medical cannabis patients have a constitutional right of reasonable access. But this does not entail a separate medical program or even the ability to reimburse your cannabis through the insurance company.

“The government doesn’t have to do better,” says Ted. “They just have to meet the minimum constitutional standards.”

and with entertainment legislation Here, Health Canada will likely end medical cannabis.

“I know for sure that Health Canada and their attorneys have been preparing for years to say there is no need now for a premium medical program,” says Ted.

Why does Health Canada want to end medical cannabis?

Since the 1990s, medical cannabis patients have been fighting for their rights. A Health Canada court ruling forced the creation of a medical cannabis program in 2001.

However, they never approved it as a medicine. Only doctors allow medical cannabis. They don’t describe it.

Ted Smith is sure Health Canada will place medical cannabis under the Natural Health Products Act.

“If you want to sell something as cannabis medicine, you have to go through some testing and be able to say it works,” says Ted. Sleeps or worry. And then you’ll be able to sell it as a health cannabis product. But it will not be a prescription. It will be available to anyone without a prescription and will not be available through insurance anymore.”

but why? What does Health Canada offer against medical cannabis? According to Ted Smith, not many cannabis do not like him, because he deals with patients and their licenses.

“They had multiple issues with the whole program,” says Ted. “Partly because it was poorly designed from the start.”

“From the very beginnings of MMAR they have said, ‘Yes, we will listen to members of the public’ but they have not set up medical stores, nor have they allowed eaterThey didn’t really listen to anyone except people who wanted to,” says Ted.

How will Health Canada end medical cannabis?

How will Health Canada end medical cannabis? By appealing to the recreational market. When Health Canada attempted to remove patient gardens in 2013 with the MMPR, patients responded with allard court order.

The courts sided with patients because, at the time, the medical cannabis market did not provide reasonable access.

“When Allard’s decision was made, patients weren’t getting the strains they needed, and they couldn’t get them at the prices they wanted. It was something that was pre-legalised,” says Ted.

“Now, patients have access to all strains. They now have access to cannabis that is inexpensive compared to what was available. Prices in the legal system continue to fall. Not much eater So far, but definitely for dry grass.”

Ted is confident Health Canada is moving to cancel the program, which means no more MMAR growers. Since certification permits four plants For each family, the courts may rule that it is good enough for patients.

Ted also expects rationing rules to change to accommodate patients, but only incrementally superficial changes. Like eight plants instead of four, or 20 mg eater Instead of a maximum of 10 mg.

On a scale of one to ten, how likely are Canadians to lose their medical cannabis program?

“I would say now that the chances are nine,” Ted says. “Because the general public and people with licenses don’t realize how serious this threat is.”

What evidence supports Health Canada?

“Most of the public and most of the cannabis consumers have no idea that this is what is being worked on,” says Ted. Many medical cannabis patients don’t realize their gardens are under threat (again).

and why Recreational cannabis industry Do you want Health Canada to sponsor an end to medical cannabis use?

“They want the medical program gone, too,” Ted says. “They don’t want to give people discounts, they don’t want to answer questions about medical use and do all the extra paperwork for medical purposes, they just want things delivered through the door quickly.”

But you can be sure of all police The agency, the municipality, the prescription drug company, and Busybody know what’s going on.

“They are doing everything they can to provide evidence that Health Canada will be able to use later in court.”

Medical cannabis patients may have a right to safety on the person. But Health Canada will argue that having a separate medical program for cannabis would not be in the public interest.

“Then all of this other evidence that Health Canada is now collecting will come into play,” Ted says.

So instead of Health Canada lawyers doing the legal work, Health Canada “put a huge net out there and said, ‘Hey everyone tell us how you’re thinking about this. ”

But in reality, “they’re really going to collect evidence from within the bureaucracy that you want to shut down.”

What can we do?

What can we do to ensure Health Canada does not end the medical cannabis program? As mentioned, the poll is more about rants than anything substantial.

However, it is critical to let Health Canada know that thousands of us are unhappy with this.

The survey ends on November 21, but a week before (November 14), Ted Smith and his colleagues will announce their answers on Cannabis Digest.

“We want people to see all of our arguments and cut and paste from that and let Health Canada know what’s going on,” says Ted.

“For us, if there is no medical marijuana program, there are no medical marijuana stores,” which means no more Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club, which has helped countless patients over the years.

Unfortunately, none of this is surprising. When Health Canada You get 90% of its funding From the pharmaceutical interests, there will be a conflict of interest.

Ted Smith has long predicted how Health Canada wants to end medical cannabis. “We thought they might have done it all over Smith decision,” he says.

But there is good news.

“Many of us were behind allard Really ready to go to court after that,” Ted says. “There are still a lot of veterans here that I’ve been communicating with across the country. And so if they try to take away our rights again, there will be an injunction in place and we will move on from there.”

Although Ted admitted, “It’s going to be a lot more difficult than it was the first time.”


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