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A Minnesota marijuana party loses its main party status

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A Minnesota marijuana party lost its primary party spot in this year’s election.

The People’s Party-Legalization of Cannabis failed to secure a statewide candidate with 5% of the vote in the last general election twice, which is required in order to maintain its status as a major party.

The candidates were Working under the party banner for the governor and state auditor, but both got less than 2% of the vote.

Over the past four years, Minnesota has had four major parties: the DFL, the GOP, and two marijuana parties. Another pro-cannabis marijuana legalization party, it will hold onto its main party status in 2024.

While that party also failed to get a statewide candidate who meets the 5% threshold this year, in 2020, its US Senate candidate, Kevin O’Connor, received nearly 6% of the vote, maintaining its status for four years after that.

For some in the grassroots party – the legalization of the cannabis party, losing the status of the main party is a good thing.

The party’s chairman, Oliver Steinberg, has long lamented the change, which he said opened the party to “pseudo” candidates allied with the Republican Party under the party’s name.

“Main party situation is the worst thing that has happened to cannabis parties,” he said.


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