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Large Tent Greenhouses that you can buy online for Less than $1000

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We all know that in many occasions the space we have for our crops and gardening work is not enough. Optimizing to the maximum that backyard, or that small piece of land we have in our plot is not an easy task…

But the biggest drawback is to find greenhouses that are of high quality, that fit in the space we have, and that are, above all, at the best price.

Obviously in the backyard of your house you are not going to put something huge that occupies 200 square meters, but there are solutions with good prices to have a REAL greenhouse, at a lower price than you think.

Big crops need big sized greenhouses… but they do NOT have to cost thousands of dollars.

That’s why today we’re listing four of the large greenhouses you can buy for under $1000.

1. FBKPHSS Large Greenhouse, Portable Outdoor Garden

FBKPHSS Large Greenhouse

This high quality model is undoubtedly one of our favorite options, as it is specially designed for the spaces you may have in a patio of a house, but it is also a very smart choice if you need an outdoor type greenhouse for your plants.

The company that manufactures it offers different sizes of this model. Its assembly is very simple, and it is not only used for gardening, as it can be used as a tent for many other uses.

Both the fabric that covers the tent and its structure make this greenhouse a great option for multiple uses in your backyard… and for less than 500 dollars!

2. ZWYSL Large Walk-in Green Garden Plant Hot Green Houses Tunnel Tent

ZWYSL Large Portable GreenGarden

Well, what we have here is really something big. Its ceiling is over two meters and if you don’t grow your plants, you could use it as a garage to store your car (yes, I’m not kidding, I know a guy who does that).

This type of large tent greenhouse is perfect if you have at least 20 feet of space in your yard.

It is an excellent product made with a solid metal structure, and a high quality plastic cover, but it allows the heat of the sun to take its effect on your plantation.

A professional gardening greenhouse option for just over $700.

3. Large Walk-In Tunnel Greenhouse

Large walk-In Tunnel Greenhouse

The third option we present in our list is actually a perfect product for all those who need a good large greenhouse, but have a budget of less than $500.

Yes, yes… we know it looks like the previous model… and, in fact, it is very similar, but it is a little bit smaller.

This “Large Walk-in Tunnel Green House” is available in white and green colors, and it has been manufactured with resistant mesh fabric so that your plants will catch the best of the sun without suffering too much harmful weather changes, or the action of the wind.

Its structure is solid and relatively easy to assemble.

4. YFQHDD Mini Greenhouse Pop Up Grow House Indoor and Outdoor (Large)

YFQHDD Mini Greenhouse Pop Up Grow House Indoor and Outdoor

Our third option on the list is this “portable” greenhouse, which may be a little “weird”….

Yeah, we know you’re thinking, “Hey, man, didn’t we know you were going to talk about the big stuff?

Don’t be fooled by its looks: Although it’s at ground level and not the “typical greenhouse” with a height of more than two meters, its ingenious “pop-up” system makes this product a winner.

You don’t need heavy metal structures to cover your plants and crops, but simply open it (it’s foldable), and put your pots in the position you want.

It is made of high quality plastic fibers, which optimizes the exposure of plants to sunlight.

Also, if the large size is too big for you, it is also available in medium and small sizes.


These are just four of the large greenhouses you can find online for under $1,000, but there are many other options.

In this link you can see many other models of large greenhouses on Amazon, and select the one that best suits your needs.

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