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Coast Hemp and Chocolate Factory

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Not your Cub Scout chocolate. Photo: Steve Solis/Axios

It’s Green Wednesday, which is considered Black Friday for cannabis consumers.

Driving news: To celebrate the holiday, we’re taking a look at Coast Cannabis’ cannabis manufacturing facility in Wareham, where they make organic, cannabis-infused chocolate and gummy bars before shipping them to Boston-area dispensaries.

What is happening: Angela Brown and Brian Cusick have come a long way since the evenings when they filled their kitchens with cannabis-filled peanut butter cups and Snickerdoodles.

  • Today, they produce tens of thousands of organic, pigmented chocolates and gum in their 8,500-square-foot facility just off Cranberry Highway.

why does it matter: The Massachusetts retail market has grown since The first dispensaries were opened On November 20, 2018, so is Coast Cannabis.

  • Four years ago, the state saw long lines form among the first two retailers, but now the market has grown to include more than 250 retail stores.
  • Coast began selling in three stores in 2020. Today, nearly 170 retailers carry its products, including many in Greater Boston.

what are they saying: “We set out to create products that we wanted to consume,” Brown told Axios. “That was like our upbringing, and I think that’s what has allowed us to be as successful as we’ve been in the short period of time because we’re really leading with a consumer mindset.”

The Big Picture: Coast Cannabis is among the hundreds of manufacturers getting ready to go wild on Green Wednesday.

  • In 2021, Green Wednesday was one of the top five days for cannabis sales nationwide with the industry reporting sales of $98.2 million, third behind Black Friday ($99 million) and April 20 ($111.8 million).

Cannabis state regulators It doesn’t collect local numbers on its economic impact, and unlike Black Friday retailers, Massachusetts dispensaries can not be submitted Any promotions or discounts on cannabis products today.

See attached pictures.

Coast Cannabis founder Brian Kosnick, wearing Laytex gloves, opens a cylindrical bag of cannabis flower.
Coast Cannabis uses flowers from local farmers to make hemp oil. Here is the ground flower before the extraction process. Photo: Steve Solis/Axios
Coast Cannabis co-founder Brian Cusnick stands in front of several barrels where hemp flower is distilled and made into hemp oil.
The extraction process that takes the ground flower and makes cannabis oil starts in this room. Photo: Steve Solis/Axios
Chocolate drips into a bowl as it spins.
This was Coast Chocolate’s first VAT. They have since upgraded to much larger tubs. Photo: Steve Solis/Axios
Close-up of an employee's hand, wearing blue gloves, as he prepares edible gummies for their packaging.
Coast uses organic tapioca to make their soaked gummies. Photo: Steve Solis/Axios
Coast Cannabis co-founder Angela Brown stands behind a tub of packaged cans in a sterile white room at her facility.
Angela Brown, CEO and co-founder, says Coast gummies are infused with THC, CBD, and CBN, which customers have used as an alternative treatment for colitis and other conditions. (Coast does not make medical claims about its products, citing state regulations.) Photo: Steph Solis/Axios


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