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45 minors in Massachusetts obtained permission to consume medical cannabis

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Disclaimer: William is a CBD enthusiast and the MMJ they work with quickmedcards. Whatever it is, you can get the latest insights into the cannabis industry.

In Massachusetts, 45 children who received the necessary recommendations from a pediatrician and another physician were granted permission by state authorities to legally use medical cannabis. Six of the mothers of these children recently came forward to discuss the difficult choices that forced them to seek legal medical cannabis for their seriously ill or disabled children.

Abby Stern, mother of a 20-year-old boy with severe autism, He said:

Old stigmas don’t die easily. I am not doing anything illegal or immoral by not putting any effort into the pursuit of better health for my son.

Since the age of 16, her son has used marijuana tincture to treat severe digestive issues, nocturnal sleep disturbances, and epileptic seizures resulting from his developmental disability.

Sylvia Vogel, a native of Wales, is adamant about the benefits of cannabis. Her 14-year-old son has an autoimmune disorder.

Save him. It wasn’t a magic cure. But it finally gave him a respite from the pain and the ability to engage and enjoy the life he never had.

Vogel and the other mothers claimed they objected to the notion in recent reports that they were neglectful parents who wanted to get their children high or that they had been deceived by the marijuana companies in a covert attempt to sell the substance to children.

They claimed they actually worked closely with doctors to reduce the risks, which included using the smallest effective dose, combining the powerful chemical THC with its calming cousin CBD, choosing oral tinctures over smokeable forms, and keeping the drug in locked cabinets.

Although there is a cannabis-derived anti-seizure medication now approved by the Food and Drug Administration, Dr. Sharon Levy, chief of the Adolescent Abuse and Addiction Program at Boston Children’s Hospital, says there isn’t enough data to ensure such medications are offered to children. She also fears that allowing marijuana use in schools could lead to more prevalent teenage drug use.

Conversely, parents of adolescents who use medical cannabis have argued that a variety of psychoactive drugs with potential for abuse and dependence are taken regularly in schools without incident, such as benzodiazepines used to treat anxiety and amphetamine salts commonly prescribed for ADHD.


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