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Hordes of illegal cannabis stores invade New York City


There’s probably tens of thousands of The illegal cannabis tradeA new study reveals that “that currently operate out of structures, smokehouses, and other storefronts in New York City—with many pop-up shops selling bad or seriously contaminated weed.”

scanning, Conducted by the Medical Cannabis Industry Association of New York – In coordination with the NJ Cannabis Trade Association and Connecticut Medical Cannabis Council – Purchased cannabis products from 20 unlicensed stores that publicly advertise the sale of marijuana, and the products were tested by an independent lab.

Lab results found E. coli, salmonella, heavy metals and deadly pesticides in many products.

The study found that about 40% of THC products failed at least one of the standard tests that are performed on legal cannabis products and are only available at legal medical cannabis dispensaries.

The lab results also found an example of THC levels more than double what was advertised — the gummy bears were rated at 100 mg of THC in one store at 204.77 mg, the survey claims.

Unlicensed pop-up shops sell tainted cannabis, the study says.

The study alleged that eight other stores had flower or other cannabis products that tested for a lower level of THC than was advertised.

Half of the sites did not ask for identification – a Big concern Given that young people under the age of 21 are prohibited from purchasing cannabis or THC products. Recent studies show that cannabis is used among young adults and young adults I rocketed nationwide as other states have legalized the recreational sale of marijuana.

The report also claimed that 100% of hemp flower products and foods would fail the strict regulations of New York State.

What is surprising is the study’s admission that there are “potentially tens of thousands of illegal cannabis businesses outside of bodegas, smoking shops, or other retail locations” that are licensed to sell other products. “The estimated number of illicit ‘backroom’ sites in New York City is quite large,” the study said.

Illegal pot stores
The study found that “thousands” of bodega and black market shops were selling cannabis illegally.

Aside from the health risks of buying from illegal cannabis dealers, the massive spread of Black market stores And the Mobile trucks Paying lower or no taxes on their products risks undermining newly licensed cannabis operators in New York State who are committed to following the rules and paying higher taxes that increase the cost of their products.

state last week issued 36 licenses – 28 for business and eight for non-profit groups – retail cannabis. But The Post has already discovered disorganized stores Rude runs around townincluding chic neighborhoods like Kew Gardens.

Jars filled with marijuana leaves are on display at the Weed World store on March 31, 2021 in downtown New York.  - New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation legalizing recreational marijuana on March 31, 2021, with a large portion of tax revenue from sales set to go to minority communities.  New York joins 14 other US states and the District of Columbia in allowing cannabis after lawmakers in both chambers of the state, where Cuomo's Democratic Party has large majorities, endorsed the bill on March 30.
Thousands of unlicensed stores sell cannabis in New York City.

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 7: Individual marijuana plants in plastic cups ready for distribution at the NYC Cannabis Parade & Rally in Union Square on May 7, 2022 in New York City.  Despite the heavy rain, dozens showed up under umbrellas to gather.  This year's event celebrates one year of legalization in New York.  (Photo by Alexei Rosenfeld/Getty Images)
A new study finds that unlicensed stores sell marijuana contaminated with salmonella, E. coli and lead.

“These bad actors present a clear risk that could undermine the nascent industry and the health of New Yorkers and visitors,” the study concluded.

New York City President Ngest Abebe said the report’s findings are deeply troubling and highlight the enormous risks posed by unscrupulous companies operating above the law.

“New York has a responsibility not only to protect the health and safety of its residents but also to deliver on the promise of a socially fair market for adult use. No goal can
be achieved without stricter enforcement against bad actors.”

Cannabis licensing student Juan Sarlos Hunt, co-founder of New York for Social and Economic Justice, said, “They are opportunists who re-traumatize our society and stop our ability to build wealth.

They are poisoning our black and brown communities. You can’t build a fortune without health, and these smoke shop owners are ruining the reputation of cannabis in New York with their chemicals. They need to stop it.”


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