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Congress must not make Colorado’s marijuana mistake

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ten years ago, Colorado Vote for legalization Marijuana. to honor the anniversary, Sen. John Hickenlooper (D-CO) He proposed a bill designed to take effect if and when marijuana is legalized federally. His legislation would establish a committee to draft rules and regulations, which would Congress And the bureaucracy could kick in once marijuana is dropped as a Schedule I drug under the Controlled Substances Act.

Here’s a better idea: Don’t legalize marijuana.

Colorado senator appointed federal marijuana regulation after legalization

When states legalized marijuana, the promised reduction in crime fell flat. In many cases, tax revenues have also been disappointing. But this is only the beginning of the problem.

The most common practical outcome in states that are legalized is that the legal marijuana trade struggles or flops in contrast to the growing and thriving illegal marijuana trade. In practice, illegal trade can no longer be controlled because criminal penalties are reduced.”Reducing the cost and risks of doing business. “As a result, state and local authorities find themselves ill-equipped to crack down on the ubiquitous illegal rural farming sites, Such as Los Angeles Times mentioned. by Los Angeles Times These illegal plants have brought with them to rural areas “cannabis-related violence, bringing shootings, robbery, kidnapping, and sometimes murder,” so that locals are now afraid to go out at night.

Meanwhile, the number of marijuana-related impaired driving accidents has doubled since legalization, according to various studies that focused on the blood content of either. injured or dead drivers.

What’s most troubling about marijuana legalization is that its advocates hide and hide the fact that for those under 30, frequent marijuana use can permanently stunt brain development. It causes permanent damage to the frontal cortex, which is “Decisive in planning, judgment, decision-making and characteras well as the hippocampus, which controls memory, balance, and coordination.

Finally, it must be said that the marijuana joint is no more a drug than chewing the medicinal bark. Modern medicine insists on controlled doses in order to cause minimal side effects. This is why pills are made to harness the medicinal power of various plants and other substances and to deliver them gradually in carefully calculated amounts as they dissolve in your stomach. Cannabis has potentially valuable medicinal properties. In fact, pills that deliver most of the well-known medications already exist. The idea of ​​smoking a cigarette to improve your health is ridiculous, perhaps even more ridiculous than chewing on tree bark, think about it.

Moreover, multiple studies have shown it Even the medical use of marijuana is harmfulEven when prescribed by a doctor. According to a study by the National Bureau of Economic Research, it is “also associated with higher opioid mortality.” That is, it is a gateway to other, more dangerous drugs, as its critics have always argued and its advocates have always denied.

The same study said legalization of recreational marijuana “is associated with higher mortality rates compared to the counterfactual reality of not having legal cannabis.”

Ten years of legal marijuana did not cause the collapse of civilization, but it certainly harmed people’s lives. It is also likely to create a future class of mentally impaired government dependents with a tendency toward psychosis and poor judgment. Congress should ignore Hickenlooper’s proposal and resist the temptation to greenlight legal cannabis use across the country.



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