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Delivery is in progress at New York legal weed stores

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The latest advisory board meeting for the Office of Cannabis Management in New York fell on December 1, with the New Year’s deadline approaching.

Last month, 36 operators, including eight nonprofits and 28 individual justice professionals, were awarded the first round of licenses to operate dispensaries. While nonprofits may use their pre-designated location, the other 28 licensees must wait for the state to allocate physical retail space to them.

Delivery soon

CEO Chris Alexander announced at the meeting that newly licensed dispensaries would be able to conduct sales via delivery while they set up their new storefronts, provided licensees follow regulations set out by OCM.

Alexander added that the regulations for consumption spaces or delivery-only business have not been finalized yet, stressing that delivery is the best temporary solution to get the new stores up and running while the brick-and-mortar stores are ready.

New regulation to protect New York dispensaries

Director of Policy John Kaggia also announced updated industry regulations, which include protecting cannabis businesses from municipalities that may want to undercut them before they open.

Kagia stated that while local municipalities may submit their opinions to allow a cannabis dispensary to operate in their jurisdiction, they “cannot create special rules” specifically for a weed business, such as cannabis-only fees, or a state requiring a minimum of 70 hours of operation per week. .

“This will help protect licensees from local laws that can make it more difficult for them to succeed and even more difficult for them to run their cannabis business effectively.”

John Kaggia, Director of Policy at OCM

The state announces a new stock guidance program

In addition, Damien Fagon, OCM’s chief equity officer, announced that 250 applicants have been selected for the state’s equity mentorship program, which is designed to help affected applicants prepare to enter the market.

The program is scheduled to begin in mid-January 2023 and consists of a “10-week webinar series aimed at growing and diversifying pipelines of growers and market processors.”

More updates from New York

  • The meeting did not address the state’s recent change to cannabis testing regulations that now allow acceptable levels above specific templatesbacteria and pesticides in controlled products.
    a The report was released .this week I also found that many bootleg stores claiming to have licensed and tested products could be selling weed and fumes contaminated with E. coli, mold, and pesticides.
  • On November 21, 36 The first adult dispensary licenses He went to business owners with cannabis convictions in New York and non-profit organizations. The first approved stores are expected to open within the next three weeks.

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