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Sheriff’s department investigates how Sunnymead Middle School students obtained cannabis-laced gummies

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An investigation was conducted today to ascertain how four students at Moreno Valley Middle School obtained marijuana-infused snacks that made them sick.

“This is an active investigation and deputies are still investigating the incident to determine the origin of the material and whether any criminal acts were committed,” said Riverside County Sheriff Sergeant Jerry Franceville.

Four students fell ill Wednesday afternoon at Sunnymead Middle School on Eucalyptus Street.

County firefighting crews were called to the scene and paramedics provided treatment at the scene.

Authorities quickly confirmed that the students had ingested “marijuana-infused gummies,” Franceville said.

Three of the four victims were taken to nearby Riverside University Medical Center by ambulance for further evaluation, while a boy refused to be taken, according to officials.

Franceville said the students were “expected to make a full recovery.”

A spokeswoman for the Moreno Valley Unified School District on Wednesday declined to divulge any details regarding the circumstances behind the incident, saying only that the juveniles had “used up something.”

“While possession of marijuana in California is legal…it is still illegal for children to smoke or use marijuana recreationally,” said Franceville. “Marijuana should be stored where children cannot access it.”

A similar incident occurred in May at an elementary school in Perris, where five children required medical attention after consuming marijuana-laced snacks brought onto campus by a student.

Anyone with information about the latest Sunnymead Middle School event has been asked to contact the Moreno Valley Police Station at 951-486-6700.


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