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Pastor Jamal Bryant wants to use the cannabis trade to bring black men into his church

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By Joyce Lubiani

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Atlanta, Georgia (WANF)) – Pastor of New Missionary Baptist Church in Atlanta goes viral again for an interesting idea on how to attract black men who smoke “weed” to his church.

During an interview with “The Cool Soror Podcast w/ Rashan Ali,” Pastor Jamal Bryant suggested that his church help black males to work “legally” in the cannabis industry.

Bryant told Ali that black churches need to enter the 21st century, and he believes launching a cannabis business will help drive membership in his church and entrepreneurship in the black community.

“Knowing that I’m not after Christians, I’m after people who don’t go to church,” Bryant added. “Churches are just recycling people from other churches. I’m looking for people who smell like weed.”

In 2019, Governor Kemp signed a bill authorizing the Georgia Medical Cannabis Commission to oversee regulated licensing for limited cultivation, production, processing, and sale of low-THC oil as well as dispensing to patients on the state’s Low-THC registry.

Pastor Bryant spoke more about his idea during an Instagram Live Thursday night. During that neighborhood, he said he plans to open a clinic on the church’s campus within 180 days. He also promoted the medicinal benefits of cannabis, and recited a long list of ailments and ailments that cannabis can help.

Bryant also explained why he said he wanted black men who smelled like weed.

“I said I want people who smell like smoke because I think those are the people God is looking for and many of us are so swollen in our self-appointed reverence that we fail to educate. In no uncertain terms is cannabis. Cannabis is a ploy or distraction from winning souls for Christ.” .”

He also said, “The vocation is not to bring people to smoke in the church, and the vocation is to bring people into the church so that they can light up in it. It is my intention that if we can show the benefits and impact of urban farming to young people, it will make a visible difference.”

The pastor claimed that his church has brought 2,371 souls to Christ and over 3,000 people have joined his church in the past year.

Bryant also talked about how he drugged a group of young men in Baltimore and taught them how to become global dealers so they could have meaningful lives and never fall back into drugs.

“I think the church’s responsibility is to transform. That young people who used to poison our communities, are now helping to heal them and I think cannabis is one way we can do that.”

Bryant said he knew his idea was unorthodox but serving an “unorthodox god” and that if that idea didn’t work, he’d try something else.

Bryant is the ex-husband of Real Housewives of Potomac star Giselle Bryant. Graduated from Morehouse College and Duke University. He received his doctorate in ministry from the Graduate Theological Seminary.


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