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Rushville part of bigger initiative to decriminalize marijuana

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RUSHVILLE − A national group is working toward changing attitudes about marijuana and they are doing it in small villages like Rushville.

Voters in Rushville passed an ordinance decriminalizing marijuana 52 to 36 on Nov. 8. It was introduced by NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) Appalachia of Ohio as a part of a nationwide effort towards legalizing marijuana.

“That’s our job, to try to change attitudes and convince the public,” said Don Keeney, Executive Director of NORML Appalachia of Ohio. “Which, it’s in our favor now already but that’s our goal, to change public attitude towards it. Show them there is somebody out there who supports them, supports what they do and how they feel.”

While some may confuse marijuana decriminalization for legalization, they are two very different things. With legalization, the sale of either recreational or medical marijuana and other marijuana-infused products would be allowed. As for decriminalization, the drug is still technically illegal, but with a lower penalty. Legalization is a statewide issue, but individual towns and villages can decriminalize marijuana on their own.

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