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These two companies have teamed up to become ‘major players in the cannabis marketing and advertising space

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Logiq, Inc. LGIQa global provider of e-commerce and customer acquisition solutions, entered into a Strategic alliance with MediaJel, Inc.which is a marketing platform that mainly serves regulated industries.

Logiq expects consumer targeting and acquisition capabilities to be significantly accelerated with access to MediaJel’s consumer audience engine and automated digital marketing platform, which opens up new means by which customers can deploy marketing campaigns to reach a broader, more targeted audience of customers.

MediaJel expects its advertisers to be inOrganize industries Such as hempesports, online gambling, cryptocurrency, pharmaceuticals, and more will benefit from Logiq’s marketing tools.

Logiq CEO, Brent SwainHe stated, “We originally met the MediaJel team in May of this year and spent months working together on strategic initiatives, driven by our desire to move into regulated industry segments. Logiq brings important synergistic technology components to the table, including our products that are built on Recently The score is AI The platform, formerly known as Interactive paymentwhich is our business results-driven platform, to boost ad revenue performance, as well as re-engage the consumer and reinvigorate the lead generation system.

“We believe the alliance will enable Logiq to accelerate our focus on consumer targeting and new customer acquisition through our access to the MediaJel consumer intelligence platform and channel reach,” Swain added. MediaJel is an ideal partner to combine domain expertise in a structured industry, a strong customer base within it, and new targeting tools for customer acquisition and engagement. our The collective goal is to become a major player in the commercialization of cannabis and ad space. “

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Photo: Benzinga. Sources: Courtesy of Matthias Zomer via Pexels, squarefrog via Pixabay


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