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Milwaukee business hopes its new CBD treats can calm anxious pets

From left to right, Tiera Trammell, Julien Phifer, Indigo, 1, and Delvante Tatum pose for a portrait Saturday, Aug. 27, 2022, at Indigenous Peoples' Park in Milwaukee, Wis. The three friends created a start-up selling CBD-infused treats to pet owners. The group connected in college. "Through the strength of our bond that was already established," Tatum explained. "It allowed us to work together and produce great things." "We all have different strengths and transferred our different skills to business ideas," Trammell said. A few flavors are peanut butter, oatmeal, peanut butter and yams, chili and frozen strawberry treats.
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The isolation many felt during the early days of the pandemic sparked a wave of pet adoptions and a business idea among three friends.

Julien Phifer, Delvante “Dell” Tatum and Tiera Trammell started a business creating CBD treats to help calm anxious pets across the area. Now they want to grow their business.

Two Birds One Stone is a holistic pet wellness start-up that sells homemade pet treats infused with CBD oil. Much like the products available for human consumption, CBD oil is not the same as THC, the active ingredient in marijuana and does not provide a high.

“It’s not that it puts your dog out. It allows them to sit there and not be anxious, worrying about what is going on in the household,” said Tatum, 30, who also owns a gecko lizard, two turtles and a Chihuahua yorkie mix named Louie.

The childhood friends already make edibles for themselves and knew CBD oil works both in humans and pets through research.  The trio wants to help pet parents understand that the health and wellness of their pets are directly connected to their own.

“When you live with your pet, your pet acts like you,” said Phifer, 29, the owner of two American bullies, Kingsley and Indigo. “When you’re down, they’re down. When you’re up, they’re up. When your anxieties are through the roof — you might not pay attention because you are dealing with self — theirs are also.”


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