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6 of the Most Unusual Cannabis Gifts that You can Find on Amazon this Christmas

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Whether you are an experienced stoner or a user of medical marijuana, or if you are simply someone who loves hemp, you will know that there are many products on the Internet that we could call “bizarre”.

Today in our blog we are going to talk about the cannabis-related products that have caught our attention the most, and that are available on Amazon.

1. Rastafarian pajamas

Or should we ever call it Marijamas? Okay excuse me for the bad punch joke

These (one-piece) pajamas are a colorful Rasta-inspired pattern, complete with cannabis leaf embellishments. These soft fleece pajamas have a half zip at the front, side pockets, and feet that close all the way!

An added feature is the thumb hole on the cuffs: I guess this is very useful when you need to have your thumb free to roll a good joint … or to wear this suit, go out, and fight crime with your fists! The choice is yours, Rastahero!

2. Duvet cover with marijuana leaf prints

Sweet dreams are made of weed? We don’t know for sure, but it’s certainly clear that this duvet cover is the stonest thing we’ve seen in a long time.

A very suitable complement to sleep warm in winter.

(Note: It is not made from cannabis, so don’t try to smoke it!)

3. Marijuana Scented Air Freshener

To be honest, we don’t really understand the usefulness of this product. If you want to give your house a marijuana aroma, it would be enough to light a joint.

But hey, I suppose this air freshener is perfect if you are in a place where you cannot consume the weed … so using this, you will not miss the particular essence of your favorite plant.

4. White gold ring (shaped like weed plant leaves)

This is another level: Gaudy, without a doubt … but at the same time it is fascinating. It is a 10 carat white gold ring with a horseshoe and a marijuana leaf, and 15 zirconium stones set.

It’s not the type of ring you would wear to the supermarket … but with the position you feel like you have won the super-bowl (Yes, another bad joke: Excuse us, the copywriter was high XD)

5. Marijuana Leaf Lollipop Silicone Candy Mold Tray

This product is not so rare, nor really “bizarre”, because many of us already know it … but precisely because it is very practical, it deserves to be on our list.

Remember that just 15 years ago it was difficult to find a mold with this shape to make your lollipops, and that molds for edibles were not such a common thing.

Today these types of molds are a must at any party worth its salt.

6. The ULTIMATE Shower Curtain

Okay, we must confess our “sin”: This shower curtain is like a giant meme, some may find it in very bad taste … but it is tremendously cool.

Perfect as a gift, or to decorate your home, unless you don’t like rap and or the stoner’s sense of humor.

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What is the most bizarre cannabis product you have ever seen?

What other topics would you like us to discuss on our blog?

Leave us your comments down here!!

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