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Police seize and burn huge quantities of hashish in Andhra Pradesh

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In an operation to make Andhra Pradesh free of cannabis, the state police confiscated and burnt large quantities of the crop in Anakapali district.
CM Trivikram Varma, director of Guntur Range, said the operation was carried out under ‘Operation Parivarthana’ which was initiated with the aim of making Andhra Pradesh cannabis-free after several miscreants were caught smuggling ganja across the Andhra-Odisha border.
“We distributed vegetables and other commercial crops free of charge through a seed distribution program that was implemented under the supervision of the police, in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Horticulture and ITDA. It has been organized to create awareness with Calagata groups so that they can grow alternative crops.
Varma said that currently, hemp cultivation is spread over an area of ​​650 acres. However, the previous year, 7,500 acres of cannabis had been destroyed as part of the operation.
Police and SEB officials jointly destroyed 650 acres of cannabis cultivation in Munchingiputtu, Pedabayalu, G.Madugula, Annavaram and Seeleru.

“In every case of cannabis, we try to unpack the entire supply and demand network by identifying the back and forth links,” said the DIG.
He added, “We are conducting extensive inspections by setting up checkpoints at important areas and intersections that are useful for the illegal transportation of cannabis from the AOB region to different regions.”
He also said that unannounced raids were taking place in various places based on information about Ganya’s transfer.
“After hemp is grown in different areas of Odisha along the Andhra-Odisha border, the harvest goes to different states and districts across Anakapali and Visakhapatnam districts,” said Varma.
He also said that police officials and the Special Enforcement Service are using Adrin’s imaging technology to locate cannabis crops via satellite phones, and confirm and destroy them through drones.

This report was submitted by the ANI news agency. TheNewsMill assumes no responsibility for this content.


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