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The medical cannabis program in Iowa is growing rapidly

The number of patients in Iowa with medical cannabidiol licensed between 2021 and 2022 doubled. Iowa Department of Public Health

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The medical cannabidiol program in Iowa saw significant growth in 2022 resulting in nearly 15,000 people being licensed and dispensaries breaking $1 million in annual sales.

Driving news: The 2022 State Annual Medical Cannabidiol Report shows that everything from licensed practitioners to clinic visits grew last year.

  • Governor Kim Reynolds eliminated caps on the amount of THC that could be in a product and expanded medical conditions that qualify for the program in 2020 making it more accessible.

What then: The state Medical Cannabidiol Council has formulated recommendations for the upcoming legislative session including:

  • Change program name from Iowa Medical Cannabidiol Act for the Iowa Medical Cannabis Act to reverse allowing greater amounts of THC.
  • Increased the number of dispensaries allowed in the state from five.
  • Eliminate sales tax from dispensary purchases.
  • Increase supervision of telehealth consultations.

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