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The 2023 weed laws apply across the United States

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Tens of millions of cannabis consumers will enjoy expanded civil rights and access to weed, thanks to a raft of new laws and regulations that go into effect this week and beyond in no fewer than 11 US states.

Voters, regulators, and legislators across the United States have enacted laws, rules, and executive orders that go into effect this week from sea to sparkling sea. Here is a state-by-state summary of the weed laws that will take effect in 2023.


California, the largest weed market in the world, is staying ahead with several new laws that went into effect this year:

Cannabis taxes may go up a bit for consumers. The state changed the way it was collected TaxTransfer it from the distributor to the retailer. Tax calculation is complex and involved Multiple layers Taxes, but it boils down to higher consumer costs.

At the same time, Medium and large growing licenses It became legal in California on January 1, promising to increase cannabis supplies and lower prices. (Read 2022 Cannabis Plant Harvest Report for more details.)

Patients received new rights to use medical cannabis with opioids. A.B. 1954 It protects the patient’s right to medical treatment even if he used marijuana, as well as the right of doctors and clinics to treat them. consumer advocacy group CA NORML He defended the law, which states, “A physician and surgeon may not automatically refuse treatment or medication to an eligible patient based on a positive drug test for THC or a report of medical cannabis use without completing a case-by-patient assessment that includes, but is not limited to, a report that the eligible patient’s use of medical cannabis is medically important for the treatment or medication.”

Parents also gained new rights to use cannabis responsibly. AB2595 Requires social workers to address parental cannabis use such as alcohol or prescription medication. Legalization Act 64 protects medical cannabis patients with children, and AB2595 extends those rights to adult consumers.

Terminally ill patients also gained the right to consume cannabis themselves in hospice settings. SB988 Requires health care facilities to “develop and publish written guidelines for the use and disposal of medical cannabis within a health care facility in accordance with this chapter.” (Patients in other states — like Kansas — continue to do so face arrest to use cannabis while dying.)

Cannabis rule changes in California

California lawmakers have also made it easier to do canna business in the heavily regulated state:

  • Bars can host cannabis events under AB 2210.
  • Cannabis companies will find it easier to obtain insurance under AB 2568, which makes it clear that insurance companies are not breaking the law by serving the weed industry.
  • And dogs and cats cannabidiol For the concern I got more rights thanks A.B. 1885which allows veterinarians to recommend cannabis without fear of discipline.

New York

New York will become the second largest legal cannabis market in the country, now that dispensary sales begin at the end of December. More stores It should go online in the coming weeks and months.


One of the first two states in the United States to legalize cannabis, Oregon, as well simplify its manufacture With new laws going into effect on January 1.

  • Oregon retailers can now offer discounts such as half of a specific brand or breed. But they can’t do “buy one get one free” deals.
  • Cannabis shipments in Oregon can cross county borders.
  • Follow-up options at Oregon dispensaries are completely legal.
  • Oregon dispensaries will still be forgiving.


anesthetic Not decriminalizing mushrooms It went into effect in Colorado on January 4. Production and sales still carry criminal penalties. Meanwhile, transitioning medical marijuana into an adult use system is also made easier by state law.


The 2021 law legalizing adult use of cannabis takes effect in Connecticut. The state too It automatically started erasing condemnations For possession of less than 4 ounces from 2000 to 2015. Adult use sales Started January 10th. Still taboo home growth.


The second former Confederate state in the United States – Missouri – legalized cannabis in 2022, possession rights kicked in late last year. Missouri stores will open this year.


Maryland weed users need and aren’t afraid of criminal prosecution – decriminalize possession of up to 1.5 ounces (about 45 days if you smoke 1 gram per day) kicked in On January 1st. Full rationing begins later this year.


A pandemic-era policy allowing curbside pickups at dispensaries expired January 1 in Illinois. The state started sales in 2020 and has 177 dispensary licenses.


Medical cannabis patients in Kentucky caught in-state with up to 8 ounces of weed out-of-state can receive a “full, full, and conditional pardon.” Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear signed executive order Protect patients last year. The order went into effect on January 1.


After the start of the year, much lies ahead for the cannabis liberalization movement. Oklahoma holds a special election In March on the legalization of adult use.


and the tiny northeastern state of Vermont It may raise his THC cap on cannabis and cannabis flower buds. Under current rules, a cannabis flower may not test higher than 30% THC, and extracts may not exceed 60% THC. Two states in the US – Vermont and Connecticut – have such hats. About 25 adult dispensaries have opened in Vermont.


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