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KCMO is just the latest in local entities looking for their marijuana tax piece of the pie

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KANSAS CITY, Missouri (KCTV) — When the Kansas City Legal Review Commission meets Tuesday morning to discuss the possibility of a local marijuana sales tax, the city will become the latest in a long line of local entities trying to raise additional revenue from the recent legalization of weed in Missouri.

Kansas City’s proposal includes an additional 3 percent tax on every marijuana-related sale. This is in addition to a 6 percent state sales tax, and an additional 3 percent county sales tax proposed at the Jackson County Legislature meeting Monday morning. (This boycott proposal is working its way through committee.)

Some estimate that the state’s revenue from marijuana sales could be about $40 million a year, with another $13 million going to local governments.

Reporter Joe Hennessy breaks down the money, along with local businesses’ predictions for once the shelves are fully stocked next month:


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