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Beauty brands are embracing the future of hemp


In my long career in the beauty industry—from celebrity hairstylist and colorist to licensed esthetician to columnist and editor for multiple magazines—I’ve always been open to THC as a healing agent, as long as I didn’t get high on it. But when I saw how it transformed the localized wounds on my body into matrix form, cannabis took on a whole new meaning for me.

Yes, ointments and balms commonly used to reduce pain and inflammation (be it to relieve sore muscles, burns, ulcers, or even cancers) have a place in contemporary anti-aging skincare because they help tighten, lift, and revitalize skin. Also, these products reduce pigmentation on scars and antagonize free radicals that can be the cause of aging, sagging, and hollow skin on our faces.

The advent of THC skincare

In the exploding hemp/CBD/CBG world of luxury skin care, every year feels like a leap year with the sheer number of brands and products fully embracing these ingredients as essential to their current offerings. While it’s hard to find beauty brands embracing higher levels of THC in their products now, I was similarly struggling to find beauty companies that included CBD in their consumer-facing products as late as a few years ago. But as with CBD, the multi-billion dollar beauty industry is gradually picking up other cannabis wonders, or higher levels of THC.

With cannabis laws positively and rapidly changing from state to state—and with skincare companies concomitantly increasing production in their topical and ingestible offerings—beauty brands are slowly adapting and carving out their place in what has become an extremely crowded CBD anti-aging skincare market.

While many consider their personal experiences with CBD or cannabis to be more effective in restoring cells, cell turnover, and maintaining age (skin and wrinkles), products containing higher doses of THC (more than 0.3 mg) are still highly regulated and limited to cases. In which adults – the use of cannabis is legal.

The thing is, until a year ago, I wouldn’t put THC balm or CBD/THC oil on my face. Start. why? Because I have at least two dozen serious luxury brands with cell-rejuvenating CBD standing next to each other in my bathroom and an entire wall of expensive, “old school” luxury skincare.

Relief Body Balm from Wellfounded.

Well founded

I recently underwent a serious robotic surgery that required incisions to be made on one side of my body. This procedure left some marks that should have healed naturally on their own. This is exactly when I started ramping up my topical CBD/THC intake. And yes, the second I got home from the hospital, I lifted myself from waist to shoulders with silver dollar-sized applications Well Fond Relaxing Body Oil. In less than a minute, the oil absorbed into the cracks, leaving no trace on my white T-shirt, which I was ready to throw on in the morning. This is the moment I knew this THC product was special. When I woke up, Wellfounded products had ironed out what seemed like bumpy surgical leeches on my body the night before (all normal for this type of surgery).

Powerful and fast healing is a real understatement here. This successful experience was what it took to apply one of the THC subjects like Relaxing facial oil (750mg CBD + 750mg THC) As a rejuvenating agent over your usual skincare regimen of essence/toner, serum and then moisturizer. Again, success. It was especially exciting to close out the four-part facial routine with visible, vibrant, and dewy results. Yes, I’ve found a way to improve my regular skincare routine by adding CBD/THC layer(s) to my skin for an external transformation.

What I love about the Wellfounded Tincture Series is the clear and consistent rating listed in order of increasing potency; As in Restore, Relief, and Relaxation, starting with more CBD than THC (1000mg CBD + 50mg THC) in Restore, then equal parts Relief, then flipping the ratio with Relax (200mg CBD + 1000mg THC). similarly, Relief balm for the body It comes in two sizes (25ml and 50ml), starting with 375mg CBD + 375mg THC.

Relaxing Body Oil is a highly concentrated, absorbable hemp formula that starts with pomegranate extracts and complements active ingredients like meadowfoam, safflower, and sesame seed oils for deeper performance. “The Wellfounded’s signature blend is designed to unclog pores, balance uneven skin tone, and stimulate the renewal of new skin cells to improve texture and smoothness.” wellfounded.com

Transdermal complex from Mary’s Medicinals.

Marie’s medicines

No newcomer to the treatment arena or the ever-changing laws surrounding cannabis use are Mary’s Medicinals. While some of our favorite and effective skin formulations are pending or awaiting patriotic suits, you can still benefit from them Elite Compound or transdermal complex (100mg active hemp) with activated full spectrum hemp extract, mango butter, beeswax and more.

THC Releaf Body Oil from Papa & Barkley.

Papa and Barclay

It is highly regarded and more like a traditional facial skincare line Papa & Barkley’s launched recently Skin Relief Cream (150mg CBD + 150mg THC per 30ml bottle) which includes fresh pressed rosin, jojoba oil, shea butter and mango seed oil. While Relief Body Oil (400mg CBD per 60ml bottle) Releaf’s range of graduated strength balms can be used all over, effective as a healer for both sore joints and bones even as a body scrub.

This story was originally published on printed edition of hemp now.


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