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What’s up with weed delivery in New York?

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Delivery will soon be the primary way for many New Yorkers to purchase legal cannabis. That’s because only eight of the state’s 36 newly licensed dispensaries will have storefronts for the foreseeable future.

Most of the stores will be set up in the coming months with help from the state, while eight dispensaries run by non-profit organisations, such as Housing Works, are driving the new market with existing resources and venues. The other 28 licensees are currently working with regulators and Dutchie to get delivery-only services in progress.

When will the delivery start?

Unfortunately, we don’t know yet, and no officially licensed store has confirmed the start date for delivery services.

“We expect more retailers to open, including deliveries, on a rolling basis and you’ll see more of them open in the coming weeks.”

Aaron GettlemanDeputy Director of Communications, New York Cannabis Bureau

If you see a website or company claiming to be a legal dispensary delivery service, be aware that they operate outside New York laws and regulations before ordering.

What stores will provide delivery service?

All 36 licensed retailers will be allowed to take advantage of the delivery. Leafly will update this post as delivery services come online. Not only were licenses issued for the delivery business; These regulations likely won’t be finalized until mid-2023.

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