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Sex Tech Network and… CBD Lube? BYND Cannasoft files patented intimacy device

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BYND Cannasoft Enterprises Inc. BCAN BYND He placed a wide PCT order for his EZ-G device, which dispenses low concentrations of CBD lubricant to enhance sex and relieve pain during intercourse.

The application was submitted on January 5th.

Cannasoft seeks to capitalize on growth in the sex technology market, which is expected to reach $62.32 by 2030.

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On January 6, 2022, BYND has already filed a US provisional patent application, which covers the monitoring and control aspects of its EZ-G device.

BYND, an integrated program based in Israel and hemp The company expects its EZ-G device to dispense low concentrations of CBD lubricant and “provide treatment for sexual and mental problems, including the ability to have intercourse as it relates to anxiety and physical pain,” according to to Pound Canasoft CEO Jephthah ben Jacob.

The PCT app is based on the BYND Cannasoft prototype of the EZ-G currently in development and aspects of its operation as an adult learning tool.

Furthermore, “it can be configured to use disposable capsules that contain CBD lubricant, which can be dispensed according to the data collected by the sensors,” Jacob said.

The EZ-G also uses artificial intelligence to transmit and receive data from the device’s sensors about the conditions of the user’s sexual organs.

In addition, the EZ-G prototype, which uses sensors to determine what specifically enhances users’ pleasure, includes a Bluetooth component to control the adult device via an app installed on a smartphone or other mobile device to collect user information about preferences and create personalized programs, In a press release.

The EZ-G Device uses secured data collected to learn user responses and improve its operation to achieve user sexual satisfaction.

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photo by El Planto


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