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Missouri puts up cannabis for a quick start

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Kansas City, Missouri – A few weeks later Missouri counties can start wiping out marijuana casesMarijuana advocacy group NORML says more than 3,500 Missourians have already had their past cases erased from their records in nearly 25 counties.

“These days, it’s very easy to access someone’s criminal record online, so removing it from public access is especially important for people who are looking for jobs, trying to get a loan to buy a car or a house”.

Counties have until June for dismissal of misdemeanor offenses and until December for felony cases. People who remain in prison or on parole for marijuana use must petition the state for relief.

That operation has already resulted in the release of a Missouri prisoner on Friday.

Adam Mays was released from prison on Friday After being granted a delisting early Thursday. He has been in prison for 14 years and his expulsion case is relatively complicated.

Mace’s first 11 years behind bars was due to a fatal DUI. It was only the past three years for a marijuana possession conviction, which made him eligible for expungement and release from prison.

He hopes to get a job as a welder, after obtaining the certificate while in prison. Since his relatively abrupt release, Messi says he took final exams to become certified early Friday morning.

“They got me in [welding classes] Two to three months ago and fortunately I had a great welding teacher,” said Mays. “He helped me a lot and one of the guys was a mill clerk, so he helped me a lot.”

Viet says NORML plans to work with counties struggling to access case files as erasure deadlines approach. He says that if the interrupts are not working in good faith, NORML is willing to take them to court to pursue the recently passed semantic modification.


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