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High Design by LMC: Discover the best cannabis documentaries on YouTube

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Finding authentic cannabis history sources online can be like finding a lighter when you need it most… very hard. Luckily, one YouTuber keeps his weed log one post at a time.

For previous generations, books like Jack Herer’s The emperor does not wear clothes Or Dr. Lester Grinspoon Revisit marijuana They were scarce sources to learn about the history and science of the cannabis plant. for the modern era, Luke Carlinfounder of High Design, is informing a new generation of plant lovers with High Design and Cannabis Documentary Series LMC YouTube channel.

Carlin was launched in 2019 and now has over 2,000,000 views on his photo. High design a series, which features documentaries about the powers of weeds like cookies and synthesized genetics. Carlin’s mission is to provide education on the history of cannabis culture and the business strategies behind the most iconic brands in culture today.

The Washington state native’s successful implementation of that goal has taken him all over the world as his audience continues to grow to new heights, including most recently to New York City and Columbia.

Here’s how this Seattle native exploded by digging into the hidden gems and secret trends that are defining today’s legal industry.

Highly determined seeds were sown during the pandemic

Right before the pandemic hit, Carlin began doing “details” of videos analyzing “different marketing strategies, different businesses, events, and news,” he told Leafly.

Right before the pandemic hit, Carlin began doing “details” of videos analyzing “different marketing strategies, different businesses, events, and news,” he told Leafly.

“I worked at the Seattle Infirmaries when I was in high school. It was the days of the Wild West in Seattle. It was like what’s happening in New York right now, and I was very lucky to be able to be involved in all of it,” Carlin added. As the industry grew, he saw the need for education that was comprehensive and true to the roots of the cannabis culture.

Taking the game to a new level

(Luke Carlin)

According to Carlin, some of the best-performing episodes of his YouTube series were based on Leafly’s features Runtz’ Young LBAnd Luca Brazi from GumboAnd The legendary Branson. “We need more real games in the weeds and that’s why I like what Leafly is doing with their 28 Grams of Game series,” Carlin said in one of his videos.

Likewise, the Leafly team has drawn on High Design’s research and coverage to help inform readers of underground industry phenoms, including Berner’s, Jungle Boys, and Backpack Boyz.

“My video story gets the crowd going and then there are the people who are really in the industry who could benefit from understanding the subtle game plans of the OGs who have built the biggest weed brands in the game.” – Luke Carlin, founder of the LMC YouTube channel and the documentary series High Design cannabis

The smooth cadence and soothing nature of Carlin’s voice also seem to keep viewers’ attention. Today, YouTubers continue to over-publish his rich archive of weed history videos suitable for experts and novices alike.

Can’t believe High Design is the best YouTube channel for weed? Just search for “weed buns” or “Gumbo Luka Brazi” and see how much weight their standalone platform pulls. Many of his videos have garnered six-figure view counts, which has generated huge profits from YouTube over the years. (Youtube)

LMC is building a Bud brand from the ground up

Carlin, who spent three years on his journey in high design, became increasingly fascinated by brands. In 2015, the creator noted that the Washington medicine market was developing as brands struggled to compete with more established herbal companies in the market. Carlin became convinced that a strong personal brand could stand up to Goliath competitors in a saturated market.

“I had a lot of friends in the Washington medicine market who lost everything because of rationing. They didn’t have the money to switch over to adult use once it took off, or deal with all the slit fees at the dispensaries.”

In 2018, Carlin transferred his passion for creative storytelling into his role as Director of Marketing at Cana Genesis, an I-502 Tier 3 cannabis processor and producer in Washington before branching out to launch High Design independently. When Carlin created his channel, he decided to upload three videos a day, a strategy that eventually helped him complete nearly 1,000 videos by the end of that year.

Deep in the weeds

Chris Compound, founder of Compound Genetics, and Luke Carlin of the LMC High Design YouTube series. (Instagram)

Not many of our journalists can boast of 16 hours of interviews with industry leaders such as Jungle boys Co-founder Evan and others detail what it takes to take their brands from legacy to legal. These insights gleaned directly from the people who influenced cannabis culture prior to legalization are important to those venturing into the regulated dispensary business. High Design’s videos also preserve and distill the history of the next generation of operators.

Carlin told Leafly, “Now, I’m using the LMC YouTube channel to help educate people in those situations — people who are in the legacy market who are trying to figure out a way to succeed against multi-billion dollar companies.”

In an industry that has been illegal for decades, Carlin feels it is his responsibility to shed light on the true origins of operators, information that has typically only been made available on a need-to-know basis by those deeply involved in society.

Stay true to the culture

(Luc Carlin High Design logo)

High Design also goes the extra mile to research the most accurate accounts of cannabis in history, with Carlin reviewing and re-uploading videos to clarify any disputed facts. When creating a feature on Branson, New York City’s most famous heritage player, Carlin learns the importance of what can happen when a story gets it wrong. After Carlin initially posted a docuseries episode of Branson, he received an avalanche of comments, some good, some critical.

Instead of responding to his defense, Carlin took the constructive criticism and recreated the video. This time, he got the chance to interview Branson himself after his kids contacted Carlene directly.

LMC quickly reposted a more detailed video, file New York Rapper’s Cannabis Jack since the ’90s: BransonAnd which has amassed over 260k views as of the publication of this article.

New York cannabis legend Branson.  (Calvin Stovall / Lively)
Legacy cannabis leader Branson, who inspired dozens of famous rap lyrics and Dave Chappelle’s Samson character in the classic “Half Baked.” (Calvin Stovall / Lively)

The massive findings prove that a more nuanced version of Branson’s story has an even stronger impact. Newer comments on the video show gratitude rather than criticism.

In Carlin’s view, “There are probably hundreds of thousands of people from New York who have tried Branson’s cannabis and seen the story I’m telling. You want to tell those stories where so many people were part of that moment in history.”

With millions of eyes and ears tuned to LMC’s YouTube channel, Carlin holds the cards for the future of cannabis media. The truth is, the streets always set the trends. No matter how much legalization continues across the country, legacy brands like Branson remain rooted in the hearts and minds of the cannabis community.

“If you’re trying to win this game, you’ve got to be really educated about cannabis. You have to be really smart. And you need a quick fix with information. The best way to do that is to analyze people and observe the people who are doing well. And see how you can learn from them.” And to add to your arsenal of tactics and strategies to succeed. So my guiding light is really to help the little guy win by providing information.”

Luke Carlin

Nader Pearson

Nader is a dynamic cannabis leader and entrepreneur from the East Coast. He is the founder of SMART (Student Marijuana Alliance for Research & Transparency), a national collective cannabis organization and co-founder of Hybrid Co.

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